17-18 Sept 2003 / Leiden University
Hosted by Leiden University


This is the first WSWG Conference to be held in Europe, and the fourth to be sponsored by another institution. The Project is grateful to Leiden University for serving as host, and to the University's Research School CNWS (Center for Non-Western Studies) and the International Institute for Asian Studies (IIAS) for providing generous financial support; also to Professor Barend ter Haar and PhD candidate Paul van Els for their hospitable initiative, and for assistance with the advance arrangements, including detailed Campus Directions for the Conference. Travel Advice for overseas participants was supplied by the Project staff. This page and its satellites are the permanent record of the Conference.

The opening lecture began and ended with Scaliger, the star of the Leiden faculty in the University's earliest years, but between those points it was devoted to revisiting the early work of J J L Duyvendak, the founder of the Sinological Institute at Leiden. From the beginning of the series of WSWG Conferences, Duyvendak was honored by the first evening's banquet. It was a special pleasure to be able to hold a conference, and a banquet, in Duyvendak's own town and ambience.

J J L Duyvendak
J J L Duyvendak (28 June 1889 - 9 July 1954)


Wednesday, 17 September 2003

Public Lecture: Philology in an Old Key: Lord Shang Revisited (E Bruce Brooks)

Duyvendak Memorial Banquet

Classics and Commentaries

Thursday, 18 September 2003

Warring States Texts and Techniques

Tea and Cookie Break

Warring States Texts and Interpretations


Empire and Beyond

Tour: Library of the Sinological Institute, Leiden University

End of Conference

Roster (31)
Attending in Person (28) / Participating in Absentia (3)

Attilio Andreini (Università ca' Foscari, Venice)
B J Mansvelt Beck
Wolfgang Behr (Bochum)
A Taeko Brooks (University of Massachusetts at Amherst)
E Bruce Brooks (University of Massachusetts at Amherst)
Constance Cook (Lehigh)
Carine Defoort (Leuven)
Wim De Reu (Leuven)
Karen Desmet (Leuven)

Vera Dorofeeva-Lichtmann
Martin Svensson Ekström
Paul van Els (Leiden)
C J Fraser (Hong Kong)
Isabel García Hidalgo (Colegio de México)

Joachim Gentz (Göttingen)
Licia DiGiacinto (Bochum)
Enno Giele (Münster)
Barend ter Haar (Leiden)
Christoph Harbsmeier (Oslo)
Maria Khayutina (Bochum and Munich)

Karel van der Leeuw
Dirk Meyer (Leiden)
John Page (Colegio de México)

Pang Chiwing (Leiden)
Heiner Roetz (Bochum)
Dorothee Schaab-Hanke (Hamburg)
Jörg Schumacher (Geneva)
Christian Schwermann (Bonn)
Nicolas Standaert (Leuven)
Michele Thompson (Southern Connecticut)
Kai Vogelsang (Munich)

Leiden University

The Project is grateful to Barend ter Haar, Paul van Els,
and to CNWS, IIAS, and Leiden University
For their support of this Conference

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