Demonstration of the Dzwo Jwan Digital Index

John Page, Colegio de México
Live Demonstration of the Dzwo Jwan Digital Index
WSWG 17, Leiden University, 18 September 2003

John Page


This presentation was a demonstration, by computer projection, of the current state of the Dzwo Jwan Digital Index project which is currently under way, with the collaboration of the Warring States Project of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, under John Page's direction at the Colegio de México. Chief programmer Isabel Garcia Hidalgo was also present, and helped answer audience questions. The Index, in origin an expansion of the Fraser Index into a complete concordance linked to a searchable electronic character text, but with searchable features and lexical distinctions going beyond Fraser, is one of the most advanced Sinological tools currently in existence or in prospect.

[The task of completing the Fraser entries was approximately 75% complete as of June 2004]].


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