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Hotel De Doelen

Hotel De Doelen

WSWG 17 guests will be staying at the Hotel De Doelen, Rapenburg 2, about 10 minutes walk or a short bus or taxi ride from the station, and a few minutes' walk from the University. The Hotel phone is 0031-71-5120527. The reception desk has your name, and will know that you are a guest of the Warring States Project. Paul van Els, our local host and arrangements manager, will be present in the Hotel lobby beginning at 14:00 on 17 September. Conference participants who have problems can reach him that day by calling his cell phone: 06-24673489.


The introductory lecture (at 15:00 on Wednesday afternoon, 17 September 03) will be given in Room 235, Building 1175, on the University campus. Dinner for participants at 17:30 that evening will be at De Oude Harmonie, Breestraat 16, a two-minute walk around the corner from the Hotel. Session 1 of the Conference proper, that evening, is at the Hotel De Doelen. The Thursday sessions (beginning promptly at 9:00) will be in the new University Library, somewhat further away from the Hotel than the Sinological Institute, but on the same route. Here are walking directions, coordinated with the separate Map 2:

  • Go out the front of the hotel, turn right, then left to cross the canal
  • Once across, turn left to follow the canal
  • Take the first street to your right,
  • Then the first street to your left (Doelengracht),
  • And again the first one to your right. You should soon come to:


Arsenaalstraat, Near the Sinological Institute, Leiden University

Take a left turn in front of the Institute, and then take the next right, as shown on the map. Building 1175 is the large building across the water from the Library.


Those making computer-assisted presentations at the first session on Thursday should leave breakfast early in order to receive instructions and test equipment. Others should probably allow 20 minutes between the Hotel and the Library. All participants please note: You can bring into the Library only one briefcase or bag containing materials relevant to your presentation, and no food or drink. Check out of the Hotel before setting out for the sessions, leaving all other baggage at the Reception Desk to retrieve later.

See again Map 2. Retrace the previous route to Building 1175, then simply:

  • Cross the river and the street on the other shore
  • You are now in front of the library. Turn left and follow the Witte Singel along the river until you come to the Library entrance (at 27 Witte Singel):

Library, Leiden University

The Library is world-famous, and contains many priceless books and manuscripts. Do remember that your one bag should contain only materials relevant to the Conference presentations, and no food or drink items. If you find you have with you items which may not be brought into the Library, there are lockers available outside the Conference room (at a cost of 1 Euro, returnable), in which other items may be checked for the duration of the sessions. All bags are subject to inspection both on entering and on leaving. Your other luggage may be reclaimed from the Hotel Reception Desk after the Conference sessions, on your way to the station.

We hope that you enjoy your visit, and the Conference sessions. Thank you for your contribution toward making the Conference a success.


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19 July 2003 / Questions or corrections to: Project Conference Manager