6-8 Oct 1999 / Lehigh University
Sponsored by Lehigh University

This is the third WSWG Conference to be hosted by another institution. We are grateful to our hosts, Lehigh University, and to local organizers Connie Cook and her colleagues, for their hospitality and thoughtfulness.

*Indicates a (suggested reading) or a paper given in absentia

Saturday 9 Oct 99

In Memoriam Paul Serruys

Memorial Minute (Connie Cook)
Personal Recollections (Gil Mattos, Taeko Brooks, others)

Linguistic Dynamics of the Warring States

*(Paul Serruys: Dialects of Han Time, 200)
Karlgren's Lu Dialect (Bruce Brooks)
*(Linguistic Position of the Dau/Dv Jing; Bill Baxter in Kohn: Lao-tzu 231f)
Open Question: Area and Dialect in Greece and China

Coffee Break

Roundtable: City and State in Greece and China

*(Yates and Small in Nichols: Archaeology of City-States)

The Gwandz

*(The Meditation Chapters, Hal Roth in EC 19)
The Meditation Chapter Sequence (Taeko Brooks)
Chu in the Formation of the Gwandz (Allyn Rickett)


Roundtable: Astronomy and the Dzwo Jwan

*(David Pankenier in JAOS v119 #2, 261f)

Heaven and Man in Chinese Thought

Rvn in Confucian Tradition (Moss Roberts)
Heaven in the Gwodyen Texts (Bo Xu)
The Wu-sying Document (Ken Holloway)

Roundtable: Chu in the Warring States

Publication Report on Defining Chu (Connie Cook)
Questions on Chu and Ywe (Michele Thompson)
The Li Sau and Sywndz (Gopal Sukhu)

Coffee Break

Historical Retrospection

*(Deborah Porter: From Deluge to Discourse, 91f, 19-20)
*The Shang Mothers (David Keightley)
The Image of Jou in the Warring States (Connie Cook)
*Confucianism under Chin (Bob Eno)
Historical References in HNZ 8 (John Major)

6 PM: Duyvendak Memorial Banquet

Sunday 10 Oct 99

Word and Institution Studies

Ju-hou in the Chun/Chyou (Taeko Brooks)
Jung-gwo in the Dzwo Jwan (Bruce Brooks)
Some Naming Conventions (Paul Goldin)
*Friendship in Early China (Maria Khayutina)

Late 04c Chronology

*(John Knoblock: The Career of Sywndz, EC 8)
The Career of Sywndz (Bruce Brooks)

Coffee Break

The Dzwo Jwan

Military Leadership in the Dzwo Jwan (Taeko Brooks)
Narrative in the Dzwo Jwan (Eric Henry)
*Li Statistics for the Dzwo Jwan (Carine Defoort)

Planning Meeting



Lehigh University

The Warring States Project is grateful to Constance A Cook
and the Department of Modern Languages, Lehigh University
for their sponsorship of this Conference


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