Stephen Durrant
University of Oregon
The Wu/Ywe Chun/Chyou
Panel: War and Peace in Early China
AAS Convention, Boston, Saturday 24 March 2007

Stephen Durrant


John Lagerway (in Loewe 1993) indicates that some parts of Wu/Ywe Chun/Chyou are drawn from Yue Jywe Shu. That claim is here reviewed. One point of interest is that Chinese scholars have so often ascribed the two texts to Jau Ye (latter Han), perhaps because if you put them together, they stylistically begin to look like two separate parts of an annals/essay history: this is, resembling two parts of the Shr Ji five-part structure.

I will here trace a single story or two from the Dzwo Jwan through the Shr Ji to the WYCC, focusing most of my attention on how the WYCC adapts the earlier sources; ie, continues the process of romanticizing and further fictionalizing the earlier fictions. This may also provide a test of the relative sequence of WYCC and the Ywe Jywe Shu.

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