Mark E Hall
Niigata Prefectural Museum, Japan
The Shr Ji Account of the Syungnu
Panel: Center and Periphery in Shr Ji Historiography
AAS New England Meeting, Dartmouth College, 6 November 2004

Mark E Hall


SJ 110, the Account of the Syungnu, portrays the Sinitic states as being in conflict with various peoples of the steppe since remote antiquity. In that chapter, the name Syungnu is first applied to the northern peoples as of the time of the Jau general Li Mu, in the middle 03rd century.

This paper will discuss when and where a recognizable Syungnu group might have arisen. After noting the difficulties in assessing ethnic and cultural identity in the archaeological record, the evidence, including both previously published and new radiocarbon dates, will be reviewed for the early history of the Syungnu and their predecessors, as a test of the Shr Ji account.

This panel was rejected by the AAS Program Committee, and never took place. This page is preserved as a record of work done, rather than work presented. We are grateful to our colleagues for their interest, and hope that a proper venue can eventually be found for sharing their results with the field.


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