AAS 2004
Center and Periphery in Shr Ji Historiography
Moderator: David Keightley, University of California at Berkeley
AAS Convention, San Diego,
4-7 March 2004

David Keightley

The Shr Ji has been enormously influential in establishing a framework for the understanding of pre-Imperial Chinese history. It is not always appreciated by scholars using the work that the Shr Ji is neither wholly accurate as to facts nor free of interpretive agenda. This panel beings together archaeologists, paleographers, and historians in order to confront the Shr Ji accounts of selected central and peripheral states with new evidence, and in the process to reveal more clearly the Shr Ji's own historiographical stance.

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Yuri Pines
Hebrew University, Jerusalem
Zhou-Qin Relations in the Light of Epigraphic Evidence

Barry B Blakeley
Seton Hall University
Discontinuities Between Shiji and Zuozhuan Accounts of Incidents in Chu History

A Taeko Brooks
University of Massachusetts at Amherst
The Shr Ji and the Eastern Non-Sinitic States

Mark E Hall
Niigata Prefectural Museum
The Shr Ji Account of the Syungnu in the Light of Recent Archaeology

This panel was rejected by the AAS Program Committee, and never took place. These pages are preserved as a record of work done, rather than work presented. We are grateful to our colleagues for their interest, and hope that a proper venue can eventually be found for sharing their results with the field.


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