AAS 2003
Converging Toward Empire
Moderator: Dennis Grafflin, Bates College
AAS Convention, New York City, 27 March 2003

Converging Toward Empire
The Lw-shr Chun/Chyou in the Context of 03rd Century Thought

The year 0241 saw the completion of the Lw-shr Chun/Chyou (LSCC), or at minimum its first 12 chapters, under the patronage of the Chin minister Lw Buwei. Shortly afterward, in 0238, the rival enterprise of Sywndz in Chu came to an end with the death of Sywndz's patron. These precisely known completion dates invite a survey of some tendencies of mid 03rd century thought, and of some conditions of 03rd century life. To mark the recent publication of the LSCC translation of Jeffrey Riegel and the late John Knoblock, we here consider these tendencies with special reference to the LSCC text. Dan Robins and Karen Turner will focus on questions of human nature and legal practice as raised in the Ji section (LSCC 1-12). Scott Cook and Taeko Brooks will focus on questions of historical continuity as treated in the Lan section (LSCC 13-20), and the issue of war and peace in the whole text, including the Lun section (LSCC 21-26). There will be a pause for general audience discussion, led by Jeffrey Riegel, after each group of two papers.

There will be a brief period for audience discussion after each paper.

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Dan Robins
Hong Kong University
The Human Nature Argument in LSCC

Karen Turner
Holy Cross College
Legal Ideas and Practices

Scott Cook
Grinnell College
Historical Continuity and Change in Lüshi chunqiu

A Taeko Brooks
University of Massachusetts at Amherst
War and the State in LSCC

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