Alpha Christianity


This section contains notes on the texts of principal NT interest, including some noncanonical ones. For supposed authors and other persons, and for places and other relevant but nontextual matters, please see the Topics section.

As work continues, the results on individual texts begin to colaesce into a consistent larger picture. We have now arranged this page so as to present that larger picture a little better, as a sort of expanded Introeuction to the New Testamsnt and Related Texts. We apologize for the fact that work is proceeding too rapidly to permit these pages to be kept strictly up to date, or even compatible with each other. An effort has been made. For the latest status of any particular question, inquire via the link at the bottom of this page.

Sorry, but there is no page for 'Q," which we consider not only unreal, but disruptive to clear thinking.


These notes are still a work in progress. They summarize present opinion, and at some points indicate possibilities for future research. Suggestions and corrections are most welcome. Please contact the Project via the mail link at the bottom of this page.

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