SBL Regional and National Meetings 2013

As a courtesy to those attending, or sharing at a distance, the regional and national SBL meetings, we here list some presentations of Alpha Christianity interest, complete with abstracts, full texts, and handouts where available. Our thanks to the session managers and the individual presenters for supplying this information.

We invite everyone, at these and other meetings, to maximizf the value of face time, and extend the range of comment generally, by taking advantage of opportunities of the kind here offered to prepare for the live session, and to make helpful comments to the presenters, whether before or after the live session, and whether or not the person making the comment can even attend the live session. Only in this way, it seems to us, can ongoing research fully benefit from the technical advances recently made available for communication between scholars. Comments made to the presenters listed below (click on the name for a mail link) may also be repeated to the Alpha Christianity list, which then becomes a discussion forum in absentia for the meeting in question. This too is a mode of scholarly interaction that was not available some decades ago.

SBL Regional Meetings

Erie Pennsylvania

Andover-Newton Theological School, Newton Centre MA


Baltimore Maryland

SBL National Meeting

Forthcoming Books or Articles

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