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Contents of Volume 1 (2013)
ISSN: 2331-270X (print)
ISSN: 2331-2718 (online)
Volume 1 ISBN: 978-1-936166-41-1 (paper)
Cover Date: 2013
To Appear: October 2014
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Front Matter

Front Cover
Title Page and Verso (Copyright and Bibliographic Information)


The Reader in the Text
Gospel Trajectories
Three Iliad Interpolations

Evidence for Interpolation in Paul
Arguments From Silence

The First Generation

The Two Ways
The Didache
Adjectival Phaul
os in Jacob
The Epistle of Jacob
Adverbial Pothen in Mark 12:37
And He Said Unto Them
The Sermon by the Sea
Disciple Understanding in Mark
The Resurrection of Jesus in Mark
The Gentile Mission in Mark

Mark at Perga
A Variant Reading in 1 Thessalonians

The Post-Apostolic Age

2 Thessalonians in Post-Pauline Context
Luke the Physician
Bidirectionality in Matthew and Luke
The Lord's Prayer
The Five Discourses of Matthew
Relocated Passages in Luke
The Sermon on the Plain
"Them" in John 19:16
Judas Armed and Dangerous
Gematria and John 21
Pliny in Pontus


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The open access version of Alpha v1 will be available at the University's ScholarWorks archive when the print edition is exhausted.

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