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The pages listed in this section contain material to be discussed at one or another conference. Posting these papers in the same place permits prediscussion among authors and other interested persons, whether or not they are able to attend the conference in question. Collectively, these Forum pages provide the possibility of contact among individuals interested in the earliest Christianity, the belief and practice of what we have called Alpha Christianity.

Papers will remain posted for a certain period after the conference, for followup discussion. If interest is sufficient, a dedicated E-list can be created for direct discussion on a particular topic, and will remain in being as long as discussion may continue.

This service is increasingly relevant in this age, when the SBL national meting has become so large, and so spread out, as to make attendance at many sessions impossible even for those who are present in the city of choice.

For the Alpha Project's own ongoing thematic forum pages, see the Alpha Home Page.

Current Topics (in Order of the Associated Meeting)

  • WSWG 28 (11 Oct 2014): Stylometrics and Interpolations in Paul
  • SEECR (31 Oct 2014):
  • SBL San Diego (22-25 Nov 2014)
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