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For convenience of viewers, the ongoing Forum discussions are divided among the Sinological and Alpha (New Testament) persuasions. This is the index page for conferences and other events of New Testament interest. For Sinological matters, see instead the other Forum.

Forum pages contain material to be presented at one or another conference, and provide an opportunity for viewers to respond by contributing a comment or suggestion of their own. This is especially helpful as a way of including in the discussion those not attending that particular conference. Direct discussion of these and other topics is always available on the Alpha Christianity E-list, to which interested persons are welcome to apply. Participation in the discussion is expected of list members. Those merely wishing to keep up with Project research may do so by subscribing to the Project's annual journal, Alpha, and by checking periodically with the pages at this site.

Papers and other material will remain posted for a certain period after the conference, to encourage followup discussion.

Recent or Coming Conferences

EGL 2015 (Mohican Conference Center, 3-4 March 2015): The Corinthian Correspondence
SBL/NE 2015 (Andover-Newton Theological School, Newton Centre MA, 25 April 2015): The DeuteroPaulines
SBL 2015 (Atlanta, 21-24 Nov 2015): Mark as a Source for Mark; Two Reconstructions of the Earliest Mark

EGL 2016 (Mohican Conference Center, 10-11 March 2016): Text Growth in Mark and Paul
AOS 2016 (Parker House, Boston, 18-21 March 2016): The Stylistic Study of Ancient Texts
SBL/NE 2016 (Brown University, Providence RI, 10 Apr 2016): Petrine Christianity
SBL 2016 (San Antonio, 19-22 Nov 2016): Topics to be announced.

An ongoing discussion of these and other papers occurs on the Project's E-mail list, also called Alpha. To take part in that discussion, contact the Alpha Project.

Suggestions for additions to this listing may be sent to the Project via the mail link at the bottom of this page.

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