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In this section are posted some recent or upcoming papers, plus some responses to them, for comment or criticism. The corresponding virtual conversation is carried on in the General Philology Group (GPG) E-list, as well as the wider-spectrum Alpha Christianity list. New material for discussion is always welcome.

Current Topics

  • Early (the primary Alpha documents: Jacob, Didache, Philippians 2, and 1 John; evidence for early missions and churches)
  • Mark (presenting a stratification of Mark, whose early layers are additional evidence for Alpha Christianity)
  • Paul (his genuine epistles considered from the Alpha Christianity point of view
    • WSWG 28 (a conference on Stylometrics and the Question of Interpolations in Paul)
  • Luke (a new A/B/C theory of Luke-Acts, which obviates the need for a Q hypothesis)
  • Matthew
Coming or Recent Presentations and Related Material

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