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Each year, in advance of the Eastern Great Lakes regional SBL meeting, or on other occasions as may be called for, the Project provides a Forum page where papers can be posted in advance, to permit the live session itself to be devoted to discussion, rather than taken up with lengthy presentation. Responses to papers can be added to the Forum page, permitting discussion to range beyond the circle of those who can actually attend the face meeting. Discussion is open to all; those taking part need not be members of the Alpha Christianity E-list

Papers and other material will remain posted for a certain period after the associated conference, to encourage follow-up discussion.

Recent and Forthcoming Meetings and Conferences

SBL 2018: Papers from the Mark Seminar (courtesy of the Seminar)
EGL 2019: Corpus, Text, and Passage Formation in Biblical Texts

All abstracts, papers, and discussion materials posted on this site are Copyright © by their authors.

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