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This page contains material for discussion at the EGL 2019 meeting sponsored by the Alpha Christianity group. Papers this year cover a wide range of subjects and sizes, from the Book of Psalms in the Hebrew Bible to single passages in the Gospel of Matthew. The illustration above shows David as the Psalmist, a view of the that Book which is no longer current in critical scholarship, but what should replace it? Where, in general, lies the road ahead for critical scholarship in our time? What problems are suitable for attack, just now, and by what methods? We thank our presenters for raising this question in several ways.

The Alpha session will be in the last slot on the program: 10:45-12:15 on Friday 15 March. Glenn S Holland will preside. Here are the papers.

The Alpha Program at EGL

Discussion will also take place both before and after the live session, on the Project's "Alpha" E-mail list. Presenters have automatically been added to that list, for the duration of that discussion. Others wishing to be included are welcome to contract the Project by the link below..

EGL 2019 Meeting Notes

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