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Resource Center for Instructional Development (RCID)

The Resource Center (RCID) staff consists of Peggy Woods, Assistant Director of the Writing Program, a graduate assistant technology coordinator, and four veteran TOs who serve as teaching mentors. As the name implies, the Resource Center serves as a resource for teachers—new and veteran—within the First Year Writing Program. The RCID staff foster mentoring relationships with all teachers, making themselves available to answer questions, discuss concerns, and act as a sounding board for possible classroom exercises. As a part of our teacher-training program, the four Resource Center mentors work closely with a Course Director group of new TOs. They also visit the classes of new teachers during the Fall semester and videotape them in the Spring. In addition, the Resource Center collects and maintains our resource database (see below).

Resource Center Database

The Resource Center staff maintains the Writing Program's extensive teaching database, an onlline collection of exercises, activities, prompts and other resources for writing instructors. Intended mainly for teachers of Basic and College Writing (Englwrit 111/112/112H) at UMass Amherst, the database has items of use to writing teachers in a wide variety of situations. Activities are organized by rhetorical concept (purpose, audience, etc.), writing process (drafting, revising, etc.), and College Writing units (Inquiring into Self, Interacting with Texts, etc.).

Resource Center Room

Located in 308 Bartlett, the Resource Center Room is a gathering place for all members of our teaching staff. As well as containing comfortable furniture and a few computers, there are examples of student work, files of exercises, and fellow teachers.

The Gibson Library

The Gibson Library, located in 303A Bartlett, contains materials related to the teaching of writing, as well as composition theory and rhetoric. The library holdings include several hundred books that may be borrowed for a semester and a dozen journals that may be borrowed for a week. Please return all materials borrowed from the library to the Writing Program office, 305 Bartlett.


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