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Other Words: A Writer's Reader

Other Words: A Writer's Reader, the new edition of our custom essay anthology for College Writing, was published by Kendall/Hunt (ISBN 978-0-7575-6555-7) in time for the Fall 2009 semester. The book is a required text for all students in all sections of Englwrit 112/112H. The book has a new title, a new introduction, a new physical format, and 32 new essays! Special thanks to the Textbook Committee (Leslie Bradshaw, David Fleming, John Gallagher, Emma Howes, Jason Larson, Morgan Lynn, Brian Mihock, Staci Coleman Mitchell, A’Dora Phillips, Megan Trexler, and Peggy Woods) for two years of hard work reading and selecting essays, writing supporting materials, and working on the design of the new book.

Student copies of the book are on sale in multiple venues. (At the Textbook Annex, the book sells for $38.00 new, $28.50 used.) Desk copies for instructors are available in Bartlett 305.

Below is the new Table of Contents; click on the links for the new Introduction pdf file, short Summaries of all the new essays, Biographies of our authors, and "Intersections", an alternative, thematic grouping of the essays. To download a chart with suggested readings by College Writing unit, click here pdf file.

Other Words: A Writer’s Reader (Kendall/Hunt, 2009)

Introduction pdf file

Heather Abel & Emily Chenoweth
Emily & Heather
from The Friend Who Got Away

Kathy Acker
Against Ordinary Language: The Language of the Body
from The Last Sex

Faith Adiele
Orchids: Half Sacred, Half Profane
from Meeting Faith: An Inward Odyssey

Gloria Anzaldúa
The Homeland, Aztlán / El otro México
from Borderlands/La Frontera: The New Mestiza

Image #1: The Hajj

Dorie Bargmann
Thirteen More Ways of Looking at a Blackbird
from Prairie Schooner

Nicholas Carr
Is Google Making Us Stupid?
from The Atlantic

Charles D’Ambrosio
Brick Wall
from Orphans

Lis Goldschmidt & Dean Spade
My Memory and Witness
from Without a Net: The Female Experience of Growing Up Working Class

Image #2: To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

Judyth Har-Even
Leaving Babylon: A Walk Through the Jewish Divorce Ceremony
from Creative Non-Fiction

Michael S. Kimmel
“What About the Boys?” What the Current Debates Tell Us—and Don’t Tell Us—About Boys in School
from Michigan Feminist Studies

Jamaica Kincaid
A Small Place
from A Small Place

William Davies King
My Metaphor Weighs Tons
from Collections of Nothing

Field Maloney
Is Whole Foods Wholesome?
from Slate

Image #3: Out of Iowa

Scott McCloud
The Vocabulary of Comics
from Understanding Comics

Bill McKibben
Human Restoration
from The Return of the Wolf: Reflections on the Future of Wolves in the Northeast

John Medeiros
One Sentence
from Gulf Coast

Maja Mikula
Gender and Videogames: The Political Valency of Lara Croft

from Continuum: Journal of Media & Cultural Studies

Rebekah Nathan
Life in the Dorms
from My Freshman Year: What A Professor Learned by Becoming a Student

Image #4: Opposites Attract

Michael Pollan
Why Bother?
from The New York Times Magazine

Miranda Purves & Jason Logan
The Last Bus Home
from The New York Times
(***click HERE to download a PDF version of the illustration***)

María Cristina Rangel
Knowledge Is Power
from Listen Up: Voices of the Next Feminist Generation

Richard Rodriguez
The North American
from Public Discourse in America: Conversations and Community in the Twenty-First Century

Image #5: More Equal Than Others

George Saunders
The Braindead Megaphone
from The Braindead Megaphone

David K. Shipler
At the Edge of Poverty
from The Working Poor: Invisible in America

Susan Sontag
Regarding the Pain of Others
from Regarding the Pain of Others

Richard Stengel
A Time to Serve

from Time

Image #6: Comfort Women

Andrew Sullivan
Why I Blog
from The Atlantic

Amy Tan
The Language of Discretion
from The Opposite of Fate: Memories of a Writing Life

UCLA Student WebZine
Ask Not What You Can Do For Your University, But What Your University Can Do For You
from The Daily Brewin’

Kurt Vonnegut
1983: New York
from Fates Worse Than Death

David Foster Wallace
Consider the Lobster
from Consider the Lobster and Other Essays



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