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Teaching Resources

The Writing Program’s main mission with regard to First Year Writing is to provide quality instruction for the University’s undergraduates, especially its freshmen. Two obligations follow from this. One is to our students: to put the best possible teachers, using the best possible curricula, in their classrooms. The other is to those teachers: to provide the resources they need to develop professionally. We provide a range of support for instructors of Basic and College Writing — a week-long orientation; faculty and peer mentors; standard syllabi and calendars; access to a database of classroom exercises and activities; and a variety of workshops and other training events. Our teachers participate in all aspects of our curriculum, from serving as editors of our textbooks to participating in committees focused on such issues as technology, diversity, and grammar.  Additional funding allows them to design special projects for their classes. And other employment opportunities help them gain administrative as well as additional teaching experience. For basic employment questions, click here. For Junior Year Writing resources, click here. For a photograph of our teaching staff, click here!

Handbook for Instructors
Training & Development
Resource Center Staff
Resource Center Teaching Database
Opportunities for Additional Experience: Special Projects, Tech Fellows, Diversity Fellows, & more!
Forms & Documents (including syllabi & calendars for Englwrit 112)
Campus Links

Other Teaching Resources:

Librarians' blog for College Writing (w/ library classroom reservation form)
Library subject guide for College Writing, Unit III
Teaching with Technology

Helping Students Avoid Plagiarism
Teaching Grammar
Teaching Resources for Junior Year Writing
Teaching Tips for Small Classes (PDF)
Our argument for requiring 1.5 line spacing in student papers
UMass Amherst Center for Teaching


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