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Resources for Instructors

(Additional teaching resources are available at the First Year Writing Program's Teaching Resources page; see especially our Teachers' Database.)

Sourcebook for Instructors of
Junior Year Writing

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Letter from the Coordinator of the Junior Year Writing Program
Letter from the Director of the University Writing Program
Celebration of Writing and Best Text Contest
The Junior Year Writing Requirement:
      History of the Junior Year Writing Program
      Structure of the Junior Year Writing Program
      Funding FAQs
      Developing or Changing a Junior Year Writing Course
Curricular Expectations and Options:
      Basic Expectations for Junior Year Writing Courses
      Learning Goals for JYWP Courses
      Options for Departments Offering Junior Year Writing Courses
      TO Training for Junior Year Writing Courses
Incorporating Professional Development elements (with links to Career Services)
Sample Course Syllabi:
      Writing in Biology (Biology 312), Spring 2007
            Instructor: Steven Brewer
      Writing in Economics (Economics 397W), Spring 2007
            Instructor: John Stifler
      Writing for Comparative Literary Studies (Comp-Lit 397B), Fall 2005
            Instructor: Nikolina Dobreva
      Writing in Physics (Physics 381), Fall 1999
            Instructor: William Mullin
      Writing for Women’s Studies Majors (WOST 391W), Fall 2006
            Instructor: Kirsten Isgro
Designing Effective Writing Assignments:
      Formal Writing Assignments
      Informal Writing Assignments
      Collaborative Writing Assignments
Sample Assignment Sequences:
      Sequence of Assignments from Biology 312
      Sequence of Assignments from Economics 397W
      Sequence of Assignments from Physics 381
      Sequence of Assignments from Women’s Studies 391W
      Sequence of Assignments from English 491R
      Sequence of Assignments from Environmental Design 394A
Sample Student Writing from Across the University:
      Ben DiTrolio, “Molecule of the Year: Carbon Dioxide,” from Chem 391
      Nancy Lattinville, “Signs of Empathy in Animals” from Psych 392
      RJ Boutelle, “Writing for a Philosophical World” from English 297H
      Nicole Carreiro, “A Look at Linguistic Anthropology” from English 297H
      Alice Gray, “Tap-Dancing in Hollywood Film” from Comp-Lit 397B
Responding to Student Writing:
      Peer Response
      Writing Conferences
      Teacher Response
Evaluating Student Writing:
      High Stakes and Low Stakes Evaluation of Writing by Peter Elbow
      Evaluating Student Writing By David Fleming
            Dynamic Criteria Mapping
Teaching the Writing Process:
      Generative Writing/Pre-Writing
Teaching Grammar:
      Putting Grammar in its Place by Linda LaDuc
Teaching the Research Process:
      Information Literacy for Junior Year Writing Courses by Isabel Espinal
Other Resources:
      The Penguin Handbook
      The University Writing Center
      Bibliography of Junior Year Writing at UMass Amherst

Updated September 3, 2008


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