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Penguin Handbook

First Year Writing courses (Basic Writing Englwrit 111 and College Writing Englwrit 112/112H) at UMass Amherst require that students purchase and use the Penguin Handbook, Second Custom Edition for University of Massachusetts Amherst. The book, based on Lester Faigley's Brief Penguin Handbook, Third Edition (2009), reinforces the process-based approach to writing that students encounter in their classes here; it demonstrates how writing differs by context and discipline; it provides useful tips for the design and presentation of student texts; it details the various rules for proper documentation of sources in research writing; and it can help tutor individual students on particular language conventions. Our custom version (ISBN 978-0-558-33612-7) is available for purchase in multiple venues. (At the Textbook Annex, the book sells for $54.50 new, $41.00 used.) For Englwrit 111/112/112H students, the book can be purchased bundled with our required Student Writing Anthology. (The ISBN for the two books combined is 0-558-69820-4. At the Textbook Annex, the cost of this package is $64.00 new - the bundled option is not available used.)

Junior Year Writing instructors can also adopt the book for their writing courses. Students in First Year Writing will be urged to keep the book as a lifelong resource and will be told that it may be required in their JYW course. In this way, the book will function, we hope, as a kind of campus-wide resource for all students, providing a common language for talking about college-level written communication.

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