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The Weekly Blast: May 7, 2010

As the spring 2010 semester comes to an end, I wanted to thank all of you for your efforts this semester. First Year Writing is a crucial part of undergraduate general education on this campus; and, as an instructor in it, you play a vitally important role in our students’ development. You have expended considerable energy this semester (and, for many of you, this year) in the classroom, in student conferences, and in class preparation; and you have read and responded thoughtfully to hundreds of pages of student writing. This is all hard work, and we are very grateful. Your students may not always show it, but they learn and grow in these courses, and it’s due in large part to your commitment. To those of you who were new to the Writing Program this year, we have been glad to get to know you, and we’re excited about working with you in semesters to come. To those of you graduating this spring, we send best wishes on your future endeavors. To those of you teaching in English or elsewhere on campus next fall, we look forward to seeing you again in Bartlett 305. To all of you: have a good summer!

If you’re teaching with us in the fall, please be aware of the following dates:
• Friday, Sept. 3, 4:30 pm: General Fall Meeting for all TOs
• Tuesday, Sept. 7: fall 2010 classes begin
• Monday, Sept. 13, 4:00 pm: practica begin for veteran TOs

As usual, we’ll send information about fall syllabi, course calendars, and other matters to you over the summer. –- David Fleming

Thanks to everyone who attended the Celebration of Writing! It was wonderful to see all the great writing our students in Basic Writing, College Writing, Junior Year Writing, and the Experimental Writing Workshops have done this year. Thanks to all who participated!!

Final Conferences: The last requirement for ENGLWRIT 112 is the final conference. These final conferences are MANDATORY for the students and for you. Writing Program policy, which is an aspect of University policy, is that these conferences are to be held during final exam week (not during the reading period or during the last week of class). This semester, examination week runs Thursday, May 6 through Thursday, May 13. Final conferences can be held anytime during this time. If you are not holding your final conference in your Writing Program assigned office, please let Becky know so that she will be able to direct your students to the proper place.

The deadline to submit grades through Spire is Tuesday, May 18. A failure form will need to be submitted to the office for each student that fails the course. Becky can provide you with the form. All incompletes MUST be approved (in advance) by Pat Zukowski or David Fleming.

The Writing Program Office no longer needs a hard copy of final grades.

Please clean out your office. If you are teaching for the Writing Program next fall you can expect to keep your same office and key. If you are graduating or teaching for English next year please return your key to Becky before you leave.

Please remove all portfolios and papers from your mailbox before you leave for summer break. Anything left in mailboxes by June 1 will be thrown out.

Friday, May 28 is the last paycheck for the year. If you don’t have direct deposit please give Becky self stamped addressed envelopes.


May 18 Grades due on Spire

May 28 Last paycheck

Sept. 3 General Meeting at 4:30

Sept. 7 Fall classes begin

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