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Undergraduate Writing at UMass Amherst

In 1982, the University instituted a groundbreaking, two-part writing requirement for all undergraduates: First Year Writing, satisfied by a common introductory course in general academic writing, and Junior Year Writing, satisfied by an advanced course in the student's major, focused on the writing of that field and taught by faculty in that discipline (for the 1982 founding document, click here). Ever since, UMass has been a leader in the development of student writing both through the college years and across the curriculum. In addition to First- and Junior-Year Writing, the Writing Program sponsors the University Writing Center in the Learning Commons of Du Bois Library and it hosts a campus-wide Celebration of Writing every spring.  The Program is a key part of General Education here and is overseen by the University Writing Committee, which reviewed First Year Writing in 2005-06 (click here for report) and Junior Year Writing in 2007-08 (click here for report).

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