You’re invited to participate in the Charles Moran Best Text Contest sponsored by the UMass Writing Program. Awards will be given for each of the following categories:


Basic Writing 111 and College Writing 112:


Best non-traditional essay format:         $200.00

(i.e. multimedia/visual text)


Junior-Year Writing.  In order to recognize the range in diversity of writing across the disciplines, prizes will be awarded as follows:


Best Short Text (5 pages or fewer):                $200.00

Best Long Text (6 pages and above):              $200.00

Best Multimedia/Non-traditional format:        $200.00


Essay submissions must have been written for an assignment in Basic Writing 111 or a College Writing 112 course within the spring and/or fall 2015 semesters. A panel of judges will be looking for a well developed, well thought-out, and well constructed piece that reflects the goals of the specific class you are enrolled in.  As in any good writing, submissions must be copy-edited, error free, and demonstrate a good use of mechanics.  One submission per course. 


To submit: Please email a clean, revised copy of your essay in a word file to along with a cover sheet that includes the following information:



For example of Cover Sheet see Writing Program website:


For non-traditional submissions either email the piece or provide the link to the piece with a cover sheet to For pieces that cannot be easily put in electronic form please bring with cover sheet to the Writing Program main office, 305 Bartlett Hall. If you have any questions as to how to submit your piece, please contact Heidi Terault at or Peggy Woods at


Deadline for all submissions for 2016 (Fall & Spring) Friday, December 17, 2016 by 5pm. Winners will be notified in early spring semester, 2017.  Awards will be given out during the Celebration ceremony, which will be held in April, 2017.