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Essay Assignments in College Writing

College Writing has been designed based on the belief that writing is a process and a social activity, that people learn to write by writing and giving/getting feedback, that writers can gain more control over their writing by cultivating an awareness of their own processes and strategies, and that texts written by students in this class community are therefore central to the course.

Students in all sections of College Writing are required to write five essays (each 1,000-1,250 words); each will go through an extensive writing process, and each will introduce new challenges.

Unit 1: Inquiring into Self asks you to draw on personal experience, analyze how your personal context has influenced you, and write about this to a familar audience.

Unit 2: Interacting with Texts asks you to develop and write a critical response to one or more published texts and tailor the response to an academic audience.

Unit 3: Adding to a Conversation asks you to pursue a question that interests you, engage in effective library research, and communicate what you learned to a more public audience.

Unit 4: TBA continues to work toward the course learning objectives but differs from section to section; stay tuned for your Unit 4 assignment.

Unit 5: Writer’s statement is an essay where you’ll analyze who you are as a writer and how your writing has developed in this course.


For more information on College Writing, see the standard syllabus.


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