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Course Texts for College Writing

Hoang, Haivan V., et al., eds. Opening Conversations: A Writer’s Reader. Plymouth, MI: Hayden-McNeil Publishing, 2015. Print.

ISBN: 9780738080215

Lunsford, Andrea A. EasyWriter. 5th ed.  Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2014. Print.

ISBN: 13: 9781457640469 | Edition: 5th

Zukowski, Patricia, et al., eds.The Student Writing Anthology, 2016-17. Plymouth, MI: Hayden-McNeil Publishing, 2016. Print.

ISBN: 9780738084374

How to order your books: You can purchase these books through the Amazon Course Materials tool; search for Englwrit 112 on SPIRE to get the direct links. If you search for the books online, look for them using ISBN numbers to ensure that you’re getting the correct edition. The Student Writing Anthology and EasyWriter can be purchased as a bundle (new only) or separately (new and used). For information about buying these books separately, go to your SPIRE account, see the Textbook/Other Materials section, and click the links for the textbooks labeled "optional." Copies of all texts are also available on reserve at the DuBois Library.

Additional requirements: Please bring a notebook to class for generative writing and other in-class and at-home exercises. At least once during the semester, everyone’s essays will be collected into a class publication (e.g., booklet or digital form) for your class to read.

Keep the EasyWriter after this semester: We encourage you to keep the Easy Writer during your entire undergraduate studies. This is a grammar and citation handbook, which you’ll likely use for other courses. You may be required to purchase this same book for the required junior-year writing course in your major.


For more information on College Writing, see the standard syllabus.


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