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College Writing 112

College Writing (ENGLWRIT 112) is a 3-credit, college-level course designed to give students practice in meeting the literacy demands of their academic, professional, civic, and personal lives. It is the only course at UMass Amherst that satisfies the University’s first-year writing requirement. (For information about Basic Writing, ENGLWRIT 111, click here.) The goal of College Writing is to help students develop their abilities to write—not only for their classes here at UMass Amherst but also for broader personal, civic, and professional purposes. College Writing is based on the assumption that students are already writers and that writing is an activity that is tied to its social context. College Writing is a key part of General Education at UMass Amherst and is overseen by the University Writing Committee, which reviews first-year writing at the university every five years.

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Other College Writing 112 Information:

Our Students' Writing (Best Text Contest and Student Writing Anthology)
College Writing Subject Research Guide (W.E.B. Du Bois Library)
Avoiding Plagiarism
University Writing Center
Resources for Teachers
Employment in the Writing Program (Teaching Associateships)
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