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Basic Writing 111

Basic Writing (ENGLWRIT 111) is an intensive reading and writing course designed for students who need additional preparation before taking College Writing (ENGLWRIT 112). This course awards three U.S. Diversity credits and focuses on the theme of language and literacy.  Students read and write about the myriad literacies by which and through which they negotiate the world and how these literacies shape identity.  Students produce essays incorporating what they read in class as well as their own personal experience and knowledge.  All classes are held workshop-style in computer labs to allow for collaboration and consultation among students and between student and teacher. Basic Writing is a key part of General Education at UMass Amherst and is overseen by the University Writing Committee, which reviewed First Year Writing in 2005-06 (click here for report).

Course Texts
Reading, Writing, and Discussion Goals
Unit 1: My Reading, My Writing
Unit 2: Literacies Where They Live
Unit 3:Languages That Rule
Unit 4: Unschooling Literacy
Final Project
Course Policies

Other Basic Writing 111 Information:

Our Students' Writing (Best Text Contest and Student Writing Anthology)
Avoiding Plagiarism
University Writing Center
Resources for Teachers
Employment in the Writing Program (Teaching Associateships)
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