For Faculty

Our tutors are available to visit your classes to explain what we do and answer any questions your students might have. Presentations take about ten minutes, and some students have told us that it’s helpful to learn about the Writing Center from a fellow undergrad or graduate writer. We are also happy to collaborate with you on teaching a writing-related concept in your class. If you’re interested in scheduling a visit or collaboration, please write to us at

We hope that instructors will encourage students to visit the Center, but we ask that instructors not require students to see a tutor or offer extra credit for visits. Our mission is to work with self-motivated writers seeking support, and because we have a small staff, we do not have the capacity to guarantee all required appointments. For these reasons, tutors do not sign notes or otherwise provide instructors with information about students who visit the Writing Center.

Class Visits

We are more than happy to send tutors to your classroom to give a 5-10 minute presentation about what the Writing Center is and how its services might be useful in the students’ writing endeavors. 

To request a class visit, please fill out the online form found at the link below:

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We are located in the northwest corner of the W.E.B. DuBois Library's Learning Commons.