Dear students: The program office is open daily and nearly always has an advisor available. We enjoy meeting students, and answering any questions you have about our program, classes, requirements or faculty sponsors.  Don't hesitate to stop by 208 Bartlett Hall, or email me directly to schedule an appointment.  I look forward to meeting you. Karen Lederer, Chief Undergraduate Advisor
NOTE: These pages/files are for reference purposes only. Applications are complete only if paper copies are signed by the student and faculty sponsor.

Major Information

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Minor Information

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Honors Track
WGSS Requirements WGSS Honors Coordinator

Degree Concentration Possibilities

5 College Certificate in Queer and Sexuality Studies

Undergraduate Information

Students who major or minor in Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies have the opportunity to work closely with a faculty sponsor. Core courses for the major introduce an integrative analysis, analyze developments in feminist theory, explore new methodologies in feminist scholarship, and study critical race feminisms, transnational feminisms and sexuality studies. The major is 36 credits, with these required courses: WGSS 201, "Gender and Difference: Critical Analyses", a core theory course either WGSS 301 "Theorizing Gender, Race and Power" or WGSS 394H "Critical Race Feminisms", WGSS 391W "Writing for WGSS majors" and at least two courses (total) chosen from two of the following three categories: critical race feminisms, transnational feminisms and sexuality studies. Majors are also required to take the WGSS 494TI which fulfills the Integrative Experience requirement.   The remaining credits for the major and minor can be chosen from elective courses in the department, at other departments and in the Five Colleges, internships, independent studies and/or honors projects. Many students decide to double major in WGSS and another discipline.

Majors are required to apply at the start of their program and complete a brief report at the end. The minor is an 18 credit concentration with two required courses: WGSS 201 and at least one course from the following three categories:  critical race feminisms, transnational feminisms and sexuality studies.

You must be a matriculated student at the University of Massachusetts Amherst to submit a major or minor application.