Women's Studies 201, Spring 2003
Sima Fahid
Class Hours and Location: Tues. & Thurs. 9:30-10:45, Bartlett 205
Office Hours and Location: Tues. & Thurs. 3:45-4:30 Bartlett 73
Email Hours: Tues. & Thurs. 3:45-4:30
Phone: 577-0710

The aim of this course is the analysis of the construction of gender, race, class and sexuality and their impact on the lives of women. The interconnectedness of all these issues in shaping women's lives will also be studied. Feminist theory will be our guide in undertaking this analysis.

Attendance, preparedness and participation are essential to this class. These means that you should have read the assigned material carefully and thoroughly and are prepared to pose and to answer questions in class. Your preparedness and participation are essential for your own learning and that of others in the class and will be strongly taken into consideration in determining final grades. You will not get credit for attending class, but will lose points if you are absent frequently.

Quizzes and class participation 30%
Midterm paper 35%.
Final paper 35%


Book available at: Food for Thought Books, 29, s. Pleasant st. Amherst

Inderpal Grewal & Caren Kaplan, An Introduction to Women's Studies, Gender in a Transnational World. New York: Mc Graw Hill, 2002.

Course Packet available at: Copycat Print Shop, 37 E. Pleasant St. Amherst

Schedule of Topics and Readings


Tue. Jan.28

Introduction to the Course

A Visit to the Library

Thur. Jan 30

Gloria Steinem, "If Men Could Menstruate." (in-class reading). MS Magazine, October, 1978

Women's Bodies and Difference
Feb. 4

Part I, Sec I: A, B, C .or D, E (Text)
Anne Fausto Sterling, "The Five Sexes: Why Male and Female Are Not Enough." (Reader)

Feb. 6
Marilyn Frye, "Oppression." (Reader)
Carol Tavris, "Measuring Up." (Reader)

Makinq of Race. Sex and Empire
Feb. 11

Part I, Sec 2: ABCDE (Text)

Feb. 13

Part I, Sec 3: ACDE (Text)
Alan Goodman, "Bred In the Bone," (Reader)

Medicine and Reproductive Rights

Feb. 18


Feb. 20

Part I, Sec 4: BC (Text)
Part I, Sec 5: ABCDE (Text)

Feb. 25

Part I, Sec 6: ABD (Text)
Part II, Sec 1: ACD (Text)

Gender. Identity and the State

Feb. 27

Part II, Sec 2: AB (Text)
Teresa L. Arnott & Julie A. Matthaei, "Race, Class, Gender & Women's Works: A Conceptual Framework" (Reader)

March 4

Part II, Sec 3: ABCDE (Text)
Elizabeth Spelman," Gender and Race: The Ampersand Problem in Feminist Thought." (Reader)

Communities and Nations

March 6

Part 11, Sec 4: ABD (Text)
Part 11, Sec 5: ABCF (Text)
Audre Lorde, "The Master's Tools Will Never Dismantle the House." (Reader)

March 11

Arlen Stein, "Introduction" and "The Year of the Lustful Lesbian." (Reader)
Joan Nestle, "Narratives of Liberation: Plurities of Hope" and "My Years with the Lesbian Herstory Archives." (Reader)
Barbara Smith, "Homophobia, Why Bring it up?" (Reader)

March 13

Midterm Paper

Spring Break

Social Positionality and Location

March 25

Dorothy Allison, "A Question of Class." (Reader)
Joan Jordan, "Report From the Bahamas." (Reader)
Peggy McIntosh, "White Privilege and Male Privilege: A Personal Account of Coming to See Correspondences Through Work in Women's Studies." (Reader)
Trina Grillo & Stephanie Wildman, " Obscuring the Importance of Race: The Implications of Making Comparisons Between Racism and Sexism {or other Isms}." (Reader)
Poem: Pat Parker, "For the White Person Who Wants to Know How to Be My Friend." (Reader)

March 27

Part III, Sec 1: AB (Text)
Part III, Sec 2: AC (Text)
Part III, Sec 3: ACDE (Text)


April 1

Part III, Sec 4: ABCD (Text)
Leith Mullings, "Images, Ideology, and Women 0f Color." (Reader)

April 3

Part III, Sec 5: ABCD (Text)
Part III, Sec 7: ABC (Text)

The Beauty Culture

Apri1 8

Part III, Sec 6: ABCDG (Text)
Jacqueline Urla & Alan Swedlund, "The Anthropology of Barbie: Unsettling Ideals of Feminine Body in Popular Culture." (Reader)

April 10

Short Excerpts From A Girl's Guide to Taking Over the World: Writings From the Girl Zine Revolution. (Reader)
Short Excerpts From Listen Up: Voices From the Next Feminist Generation.(Reader)


April 15

Rebecca Gardyn, "Daughters of Feminism" (Reader)
Short Excerpts From A Girl's Guide to Takinq Over the World: Writing From the Girl Zine revolution. (Reader)
Short Excerpts From Listen Up: Voices From the Next Feminist Generation. (Reader)

April 17


Gender, Travel and Tourism

April 22
Part IV, Sec 1: AD (Text)
Part IV, Sec 2: ACD (Text)
Michael Zweig, "Welcome to the Working Class!" (Reader)

April 24
Part IV, Sec 3: ABC (Text)
Part IV, Sec 4: ABCD (Text)
Barbara Ehrenreich, "two Tiered Morality." (Reader)

Gender and Globalization

April 29
Part IV, Sec 5: ABCD (Text)
Karen Hossfeld, "Hiring Immigrant Women: Silicon Formula." (Reader)

May 1

Part IV, Sec 6: ABCD (Text)

May 6

Valley's Simple
Rokeya Sakhawat Hossain, "Sultana's Dream," (Reader)
Gerd Bratenberg, "Bram, the Director and Her Family." (Reader)

Conclusion and Summary

May 8

Conclusion: AB (Text)
Joan Jordan, "Where is the Love?" (Reader)
bell hooks "Sisterhood is Still Powerful." (Reader)

May 13 Final Papers