Phil 381H/WOST 393H
Philosophy of Woman/Gender and Sexuality
Fall 2002 TTh 11:15

Professor Ann Ferguson
Bartlett 370, 5-5802
Hours: Tues. 1-3 and by appointment

REQUIRED: Philosophy 381H/WOST 393H XEROX READER (available from Collective Copies, 70 S. Pleasant St., Amherst)

(All books available at Food for Thought Books, 106 N. Pleasant St., Amherst)

Katie Conboy, Nadia Medina and Susan Stanburg, eds. Writing on the Body (Columbia University Press)
Sigmund Freud Sexuality and the Psychology of Love (Simon and Shuster)
Michel Foucault History of Sexuality, v. 1 (Pantheon)


Henry Abelove, Michele Barale and David Halperin, eds. The Lesbian and Gay Studies Reader (Routledge)
Mary Briody Mahowald, ed. Philosophy of Woman (Hackett Publishing)
Michael Warner, ed. Fear of a Queer Planet: Queer Politics and Social Theory (University of Minnesota Press)

Class Requirements:

*Note: Extra credit will be available for short summaries of an argument in the reading and a question for class discussion.

  1. Three short thought papers (45% of grade): These will be papers which should address some question on the readings and class discussions. The papers should give an exposition of one or more of our authors on a particular issue and your own critique or support for that position. Half the paper's grade will concern the accuracy of your exposition and the other half the quality of your critique or defense of the author(s)' position. You may write either on one of the suggested reading questions which have been given on the reading we have covered in the period of the course covered by the paper, or create your own question to write about, with the permission of the instructor. Short papers should be about 5 pages in length. Short papers are due Sept. 26, Oct. 29 and Nov. 26. **Note: There is a rewrite option for the papers if the re-write is returned by one week after the paper is graded and returned for the first time.

  2. (20% of grade) Class Participation: You will be expected to attend most classes, read the reading on time and take part in class discussions. Attendance will be taken and you will be asked to think about questions on the reading for discussion.

  3. (35% of Grade) Term Paper: A term paper of from 8-12 pages is expected at the end of the semester. In general this should be a thought paper on the views of an author on a particular topic (e.g. their theory of gender, of male domination, etc.) or on a general topic such as gender and essentialism which ties together several authors' views on the issue. In either case, you should develop your own position on the issue by giving reasons which support it. It is important to frame the questions involved in the issue as clearly as you can. A one paragraph abstract of your term paper, with a short outline of your intended line of thought, and a list of references, will be due Dec. 5. Final term paper will be due Monday Dec. 16.

I. Introduction to Some Feminist Questions (1 week Sept 5, 10)

  1. Sex vs. Gender vs. Sexuality
  2. Sexism and Heterosexism
  3. Essentialism vs. Social Constructionism
  4. Feminist Identity Politics and Differences between Women: Where do Racism/Ethnicism, Classism and Imperialism Fit In?

Readings (Sept 10):
Frye "Sexism" , reader
Hooks "Black Women: Shaping Feminist Theory", reader
Kimmel "Masculinity as Homophobia", reader

hooks, Feminist theory from margin to center, passim

. II. Biology, Sex and Gender

    Classic writings from the History of Philosophy (2 weeks, Sept. 12, 17, 19, 24)

Kant "Of the Distinction of the Beautiful and the Sublime in the Interrelations of the Two Sexes", handout I; and
Rousseau "Marriage" from Emile, selections, handout I (Sept 12)
Wollstonecraft selection from Vindication of the Rights of Woman, handout I (Sept 17)
Cooper selections from A Voice from the South, handout II; and
Williams "On Being the Object of Property" Conboy text. (Sept 19)
Beauvoir The Second Sex,Introduction, (Sept. 24)
handout III (this handout will also include Beauvoir, ch 2, for reading Oct. 24, and ch. 3 for reading Oct. 17)

1st Paper Due Sept. 26

Ferguson Sexual Democracy, ch. 9 (On Androgyny), reader (Sept. 26)
Stoltenberg "How Men Have (a) Sex" from Refusing to Be a Man, handout IV

Video Showing "Paris Is Burning" (Oct. 1: Guest Lecturer: Kim Leighton)
Judith Butler, "Gender Is Burning", reader
bell hooks "Is Paris Burning?", reader

(Oct. 3: Guest Lecturer)
Goldberg The Inevitability of Patriarchy, selection, reader
Lowe "The Dialectic of Biology and Culture", handout IV

Optional :
Oakley Sex, Gender and Society ch. 2
Holliday The Violent Sex, passim
Dworkin Womanhating, ch 6
Weeks Sexuality, ch 3

III. Freud's Philosophy of Gender and Sexuality (1 week Oct. 8, 10)

Freud essays:
Introductory Lectures in P-A, ch. 20-21, handout V(Oct. 8)
"Case of Homosexuality in a Woman" (1920), (Oct. 10)
"Some Psychical Consequences of Anatomical Differences" (1925)
"Female Sexuality" (1931), all from Sexuality and the Psychology of Love, text
"Femininity" (1933), handout V

Freud "The Sexual Aberrations", reprinted in Donald Morton, ed. The Material Queer

IV. Marxian, Feminist and Black Freudian Theories of Gender and Sexuality (1 weeks) (Oct. 15,17 and 22)
Engels, Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State,from Mahowald, ed., Philosophy of Woman,handout VI(Oct. 15)
Beauvoir The Second Sex, ch 3, handout III(Oct 17)
Marcuse "Surplus Repression" from Eros and Civilization (also in Morton, ed), reader
Fanon Black Skins, White Masks, selections, reader(Oct 22)

Foreman Femininity as Alienation, ch 5
Freud Civilization and Its Discontents, ch. IV, V
Hernton Sex and Racism in America, ch 1, 6 and passim
Stember Sexual Racism, passim
Weeks Sexuality and Its Discontents, passim

V. More Feminist Readings and Critiques of Freud (1 1/2 weeks) (Oct. 24, 29,31)

    Radical Feminist Rejections(Oct. 24)
    Wittig "One is Not Born a Woman", Conboy text
    Wittig "The Straight Mind" from Abelove, et al, handout VII
    Rich "Compulsory Heterosexuality and Lesbian Existence", handout VII

    Chodorow "Family Structure and Feminine Personality", handout VII
    Rubin "The Traffic in Women", handout VII
    Butler "Imitation and Gender Insubordination", handout VIII.

Fuss "Freud's Fallen Women: Identification, Desire, and
"A Case of Homosexuality in a Woman" in Warner, ed. Fear of a Queer Planet

2nd Short Paper Due Oct. 29

VI. Historical Perspectives on Sexuality (1 week)

    Michel Foucault, History of Sexuality, v. 1text(Nov. 5)
    Other historical approaches: (Nov. 7)
    D'Emilio "Capitalism and Gay Identity" (from Morton, ed), reader
    Vicinus "They Wonder to Which Sex I Belong": The History Roots of the Modern Lesbian Identity" in Abelove et al, eds., handout VIII

Halperin "Is There a History of Sexuality?" in Abelove, et al
Katz The Invention of Heterosexuality, ch 1, 8.
Faderman Odd Girls and Twilight Lovers, passim

VII. A Case Study in Sexual Identity and Domination ( Nov.12)

Reading: Feinberg Stone Butch Blues, selections, handout IX

VIII. Sexual Violence Against Women: Some Philosophical Questions (1 week Nov. 14, 19)

Reading 1st class:
Brisson "Surviving Sexual Violence", handout X
O' Sullivan "Fraternities and the Rape Culture", reader
Kaufman "The Construction of Masculinity and the Triad of Men's Violence", reader

Video Showing: Tough Guise

Reading 2nd class:
MacKinnon "Rape, Coercion and Consent", Conboy text
Davis "Rape, Racism and the Myth of the Black Rapist", handout X
Burton "Resistance to Prevention: Reconsidering Feminist Antiviolence Rhetoric", reader

IX. Contemporary Feminist Critiques of Gender and the Body (1 weeks)

    Identity, Self-Definition and the Body (Nov. 21, 26)
    Butler "Performative Acts and Gender Constitution", Conboy text
    Anzaldua "La Consciencia de la Mestiza", Conboy text
    Stone "The Empire Strikes Back: A Post-Transsexual Manifesto", Conboy text
    Feinberg Trans-Gender Warriors, ch. 14, reader
    Kimmel, "Clarence, William, Iron Mike, Tailhook, Senator Packwood, Magic and Us", handout IX

    3rd Short Paper Due Nov. 26

    Bartky "Foucault, Femininity and the Modernization of Patriarchal Power", Conboy text
    Martin "Medical Metaphors of Women's Bodies", Conboy text

Possible Video Showing: Slim Hopes

Optional: articles in M. Berger, B. Wallis and S. Watson, eds. Constructing Masculinity, esp. articles by Butler, Williams, Delgado and Stefano.

X. Race/Ethnicity and Gender in Identity and Representations (Dec. 5)
Sojourner Truth, "Aint I a Woman?" Conboy text
hooks "Selling Hot Pussy", Conboy text
hooks "Reconstructing Black Masculinity", reader
K. Crenshaw "Beyond Racism and Misogyny", in D. Tietjens Meyers, ed.
Feminist Social Thought, Library Reserve

Abstract of Final Term Paper Due Dec. 5 (with a list of references)

XI. Identity Politics, Queer Politics and Post-Identity Politics (1 week)

    Identity Politics and Its Complications
    Radicalesbians "The Woman-Identified Woman", handout XI
    Frye "Some Reflections on Separatism and Power", handout XI
    Almaguer "Chicano Men" , handout XI
    Smith " Homophobia: Why Bring It Up?" in Abelove eds., handout XI
    Yudice "What's a Straight White Man to Do?" , handout XI (All articles due Dec. 10)

    Hutchins and Kaahumanu, eds. Bi Any Other Name: Bisexual People Speak Out , passim.

  1. Queer Politics
    Warner "Introduction" from Fear of a Queer Planet, reader
    Friedland & Highleyman "The Fine Art of Labeling" from Hutchins and Kaahumanu, eds.), reader.
    Udis-Kessler "Present Tense: Biphobia as a Crisis of Meaning" in Morton, ed., handout XII
    Smith "What is This Thing Called Queer?" in Morton, ed., handout XII
    Smith "Mistaken Identity--Or Can Identity Politics Liberate the Oppressed" in Morton, ed., handout XII (All articles due Dec. 12)

Steven Seidman Embattled Eros:Sexual Politics and Ethics in Contemporary America1992, Routledge), passim

Final Term Paper Due Monday Dec. 16