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to the new millennium for Womens Studies. We enter the year 2000 (yes, yes it is a western, Christian hegemonic concept of the millenniumand it may not even start until next year) as a well-established academic program, in a growing discipline. Certainly the last turn of millennium, and even the last turn of the century, there was nothing like the wealth of scholarship on women that exists today.

Womens Studies bids farewell to Marta Calás and thanks her for her dedicated leadership over the past year. Marta has been a hands on director, bringing new initiatives, forwarding our newly articulated global goals, and bringing her fresh perspective to Womens Studies. Enjoy your Fulbright research in Finland. We will miss your caring and determination.

Welcome back to Ann Ferguson. Ann is returning from a 1 year leave with travels in Central America and Spain. We welcome back your energy and stalwart commitment to Womens Studies. In addition to your political leadership, thanks to you, music will return to our graduation festivities.

This past fall has been a challenging time for the University. The attacks on women in the central part of campus galvanized a huge response. Womens Studies along with other womens organizations on campus was in the forefront of many of the organized responses. Women's Studies students went above and beyond in their work at Everywomans Center especially as Counselor Advocates and Educator Advocates. Students expanded their activist commitment by organizing and participating in demonstrations, walkouts and other events, and initiating discussions and actions in classrooms, residence halls, and workplaces. Womens Studies faculty spoke out at demonstrations, rallies, and in their classrooms. Womens Studies staff worked behind the scenes talking with students, working on committees and organizing events. Two distinguished Womens Studies alums returned to campus to speak on the issues, Jackson Katz 82 on Preventing Sexual Violence: What Men Can Do and Janet Aalfs 79 on Claiming Power, Facing Fear: Women Resist Violence.

In addition to the response to the crisis, we continued our activism around Affirmative Action issues. Womens Studies students, faculty and staff were involved in the multi-day teach in on affirmative action that took place in the early fall. Exciting new feminist faculty and their scholarship were highlighted at a panel in December.

This spring we will continue, as always, our work against violence against women and our furtherance of Womens Studies research. See our exciting upcoming public events list!

A Farewell from Marta

Dear All,

A short farewell message as my time as interim director of Womens Studies comes to an end. It was a very challenging year, that put to test in the most practical of ways all the organization and management theories that I teach in the other side of my world i.e. as professor in the School of Management. What I learned in this process is that theories travel well from place to place, but that they seldom matter much when it comes to the real life of people and organizations. As a microcosm of the university, the day to day life of Womens Studies required attention to details that cannot described in any textbook rendition of organizational events. Those details were perfectly attended to not because of any managerial practice on my part but because everybody in the team at the office Karen, Nancy, Linda knew what needed to be done and did it as it became necessary, not a minute too early, not a minute too late, just right. Thus, the lesson that I learned, and that management textbooks should reflect as well, is that managers are much less important than a good staff team. It is their teamwork and know-how that make things happen, and happen well, even when a novice director too eager to manage gets in the way. Hopefully, by now I have also become part of the team.

I don't want to move back to the School of Management without voicing further my appreciation to all, staff, faculty and students in this program. In particular, I want to emphasize my appreciation to the faculty, and the Executive Committee, who worked with me and supported my decisions regarding policy and faculty matters. They provided the history, the encouragement and the advice that I needed in order to act. I hope that my actions moved the program in the right direction.

Good Bye for now, my love to all... And a very warm Welcome Back to Director Ann Ferguson, after a much deserved sabbatical year.

Ann Ferguson reports on her year away....

Ann Ferguson spent 1999 on a years sabbatical in which she traveled to Central America (Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua) and Spain. She writes:

My trip to Central America had a two fold purpose: I went as a representative of the local womens group Feminist Aid to Central America, to take material aid to victims of Hurricane Mitch. I also interviewed women and feminist groups in Central America and Spain on the Womens Movement and its political concepts and practice in their countries, in order to write a comparative study of Womens Movements across borders and their mutual influences on each other.

I spent the fall in Barcelona, Spain, a fabulous city not only because of its feminist women, but its friendly people, its beauty and art and its general ambience. I then traveled to other parts of Spain and gave some public talks on feminist topics. I will be presenting a public talk this spring about my impressions of feminist theory and the Womens Movements I studied.

Once again, it seems that belts at the University may be cinched tight. We appreciate the generosity of our donors without which our events would lack refreshment and other amenities.

Special thanks to: Sarah Chase, Abbie Hatton, Lisa Levesque, Mary Reilly, Donna Rush and Carol Wallace.

Look for a special event and a Friends of Womens Studies mailing! New friends this year: Maren Brown, Joy Rosenthal.

WE were again fortunate to admit a talented and interesting group of new students, with a wide range of talents and concerns. The following majors joined the program in the fall of 1999:

Nashira Baril, Amy Buswell, Holly Charest, Ellen Donoghue, Lisa Feinberg, Elizabeth Kupiec, Kate Lieberman, Rachel Markus, Claudine Mallory, Nicole Manganelli, Lisa Merkel, Kristina Meuse, Risha Nathan, Elana Premack, Cory Proud, Angela Quitadamo, Elizabeth Speakman and Sarah Zamuto

Congratulations and best of luck to Regina Conceicao, Kristel Dumont, Aimee Langevin and Stacey St. Onge who graduated at the end of the fall semester. We will miss you!

Welcome to new minors: Cate Damon, Delanie Durocher, Melanie Haslam, Jamie LaRoche, Laurie O'Connor, Therése Roberts, Christine Savas and Heather Senecal.

Congratulations to graduated minors: Cate Damon, Leanne Hayes, Kaolin, Curran McLane and Christine Savas.

The seats for student representatives have been filled! The Womens Studies Executive Committee is the major policy making body for the program. Annie Tummino and Sarah Dunton are the new undergraduate representatives. Brenda Bethman and Shu-Chen Huang are the graduate student representatives. The Executive Committee meets monthly to consider issues, problems, and new directions for the program. If you have questions or concerns, contact one of these student reps! See the office for details.

As always, the Womens Studies Lounge is a place for students to relax, congregate, meet, study, check email, etc. Volunteer opportunities are available, check them out!

April 1 is the deadline for applications for the major. If you want to change your major to Womens Studies this semester, you must submit an application, signed by a faculty sponsor, by April 1 (no fooling!) If you need an application, assistance with developing your academic program, or help finding a sponsor, give Karen a call at 545-1922. Seniors make an appointment for a credit check. Current or potential Honors students (Commonwealth College or the Honors Program) be sure to check in with Karen. Double majors (especially with double majors outside of Humanities and Fine Arts) should also check in with Karen. In summary, if you are a current or potential Womens Studies major, talk to Karen Lederer, Chief Undergraduate Advisor.

Students interested in pursuing a minor are reminded to contact Nancy Campbell Patteson in the Womens Studies office. Applications are accepted at anytime and inquiries are welcome.

The deadline for admission to the program for academic year 2000-2001 is March 10. All materials are available in the Womens Studies office. Contact Nancy Campbell Patteson, Graduate Coordinator, to set up an appointment if you are interested in certificate information. The Graduate Certificate in Advanced Feminist Studies is an interdisciplinary program designed to complement a major degree granting program.

Certificate students are reminded to return the Research Outline and completed Certificate Requirements form to the Graduate Coordinator as soon as possible. Your progress and status must be updated each semester and these materials provide the program with valuable information. If you have questions or would like to meet with the Graduate Coordinator, contact the Womens Studies office.

For those of you who haven't visited our website recently (you are there!!), weve added a few more items. In response to the assaults on campus last fall, weve updated our events page to include the campus events and news relating to these assaults. Just find your way to Womens Studies Events or Other Events from the front page and you'll see the button. We will be adding syllabi as they become available from our faculty. You can see syllabi from previous semesters by clicking on Class Info. We are still adding alums and friends to our growing list of e-mail contacts. Click on Alums and Friends and then Find a Friend to see the list. Wed love to add you on if youre not already there! Also under Alums and Friends are more and more pictures from events on campus.

Two events this spring have been organized by graduate students. The Friday lunches were planned after several Certificate students requested more opportunities to meet with other feminists for informal social activities. A goal of the Certificate program is to enrich the feminist community on campus and we agree that sharing food and conversation is a good idea. Join friends and fellow feminists for lunch on the 1st Friday of each month in the Graduate Student Lounge, Campus Center. This is an informal gathering of Certificate and interested students on ,b>Feb.4, March 3, April 7, and May 5 at 12:30. Bring a lunch or buy it there.

Graduate Student Grants Workshop - Would you love to access grant money but don't know where to start? The other event being planned as a result of student input is the Graduate Student Grants Workshop. Brenda Bethman, a Certificate student, recently returned from a Fulbright in Vienna with stories of her experiences and we needed a forum for her to share these stories. In addition to her narrative, representatives from the University Graduate School Grants Services will present a workshop on grants and fellowships for Certificate students and anyone else interested in late March. The workshop will include information on sample funding opportunities, applying for a Fulbright and help with targeted searches, all students interested in scholarships and grants are encouraged to attend. Date and time TBA