The lounge is a place of respite, inspiration, and a haven for undergraduate and graduate students. Check your email, chat with friends, organize a meeting or informal event. Volunteer and internship opportunities are available for lounge staff. Stop by the lounge in 208A Bartlett, or call the office to find out more 545-1922. Thanks to our friendly lounge coordinators for 1998-99; Ronna Lytle, Renee Wurtzel and Vanessa Serotta.


There are undergraduate and graduate student seats on the Women's Studies Executive committee, the policy making board of the program which meets monthly. This year we are trying something new-we are going to do the nomination/election process through email. If you don't have an email account, we urge you to get one. If you don't have a computer you can use the computer in the Women's Studies lounge to check your email. Women Studies students must have computer skills to succeed in today's workforce. Helpful lounge workers can assist you in entering cyber space. Women's Studies Majors, Minors and Certificate students, watch your email box for election news. If you aren't on the appropriate listserv, email the program at


The Valley Women's History Collaborative offers graduate and undergraduate academic credit to students who undertake research that will assist the Collaborative in its mission to reconstruct the history of the feminist and lesbian movements in Western Massachusetts (Franklin, Hampshire and Hampden Counties) since 1965. In addition to currently enrolled students, Women's Studies alums are invited to volunteer their time. If you are interested contributing to this mission, please contact Joyce A. Berkman, Professor of History (Adjunct Professor of Women's Studies): phone 549-0659, 549-0089, 545-6759, 545-1330 or email:


If you need a major application or an end of program report please contact Karen. Applications for the fall semester are due October 31. End of Program reports are due before the end of finals. Seniors, (and all students!) it is strongly recommended that you come in for a credit check. As always, field work and independent study opportunities abound, come in and find out more.

All primary majors are required to come in for advising during preregistration. Secondary majors and minors and potential majors and minors are encouraged to come in as well.

Please keep us updated with your whereabouts!


The honors students in the class of 2003 (incoming this fall) will be in the new Commonwealth College. The Class of 2000 honors students are still in the Honors Program. Confused? Give Karen, the honors coordinator for the program a call and we will figure it out together. If you don't know about honors opportunities, call to find out more.

There are new (and therefore) different graduation requirements for people majoring in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. If you are a double major Women's Studies (College of Humanities and Fine Arts) and a major in Social and Behavioral Sciences please come in to check on this. If you aren't sure whether this applies to you, give us a call 545-1922 or email



The Women's Studies Program office has removed individual graduate student mailboxes. Important information will be communicated via e-mail or will be sent to your local address. Please check in with Nancy to verify mailing address. The graduate bulletin board and posted material is still located in the office at 208 Bartlett Hall, so please come into the office often for updates and further information.


The first edition of Women's Voices will be available in September, 1999. The graduate bulletin is a scholarly publication of the Women's Studies Program at UMass. Articles are submitted by graduate students and editing is done by the graduate coordinator and interested students. Contact the Women's Studies Program office for more information and/or to be put on the mailing list. Pick up your copy soon!


Graduate Certificate students are given priority as candidates for all Women's Studies teaching assistantships. The positions are usually filled in late spring for the following year. The statute of limitations for holding these positions is three years. T.A.'s lead discussion sections for WOST 187, Introduction to Women's Studies, and teach the Women's Studies Junior Year Writing course (offered in the fall semester). Contact Nancy, graduate coordinator, for information.


The Certificate in Advanced Feminist Studies continues to grow. We currently have 26 students from a variety of disciplines and we are beginning our third year of operation. We receive hundreds of inquiries annually and applications are already being sent out for admission in Fall, 2000. The deadline for getting your application in is March 10, 2000.