Your newsletter editor is actually away on a professional improvement leave, so this newsletter will be short, and hopefully sweet (unlike the editor, who is often described as tall and sarcastic. . .) Rest assured that the features you crave like People News, Alumi News, and details about upcoming events and related campus programs will return in future issues. I will note that as always, our graduates are in fascinating jobs that help the world, and our faculty and staff are continuing in their productive careers and traveling, speaking, writing and teaching.

A special message to Undergraduate majors: Never fear, I will return in mid November to assist you with your preregistration questions and concerns. We won't do major intakes, however, until the spring. If you are in a unique situation and need your major changed to Womens Studies in the fall, talk to the office staff. If you want to switch to CAS/W, our pre-major, come in to do that. In the interim, my capable colleagues, Nancy Patteson and Linda Hillenbrand, along with our dedicated faculty will assist you.

While I am away I am working on a number of projects including a special project on advising, and catching up on my reading. I hope to return fresh and full of new ideas. I very much appreciate the support of my colleagues in making this leave possible.

Features of this newsletter include: Special thanks, Welcome Back Reception, Program People Changes, Comings and Goings, Friends News, Donors and E-news.

Thanks and I look forward to seeing you on my return. Karen Lederer

Special thanks to members of the WOST executive committee for 1999-2000: Deirdre Almeida (Education), Arlene Avakian, Joyce Berkman (History), Marta Calas (Management), Alex Deschamps, Sarah Dunton (undergrad student rep), Sima Fahid, Ann Ferguson, Shu Chen Huang (grad student rep), Chris King (Nursing), Karen Lederer, Sara Lennox (German and STPEC), Nancy Patteson, Lisa Robinson, Emily Silverman (WOST Librarian), Annie Tummino (undergrad student rep), Carol Wallace (Everywomans Center), and Kathleen Zane.

Special thanks in advance to our committee chairs for the coming academic year: Sara Lennox, Personnel Committee; Sima Fahid, Undergraduate Studies Committee; and Arlene Avakian, Search Committee. Womens Studies depends on the generous service of our faculty, staff and the associated faculty.

Welcome Back Reception
New Faculty Presentations
Thursday, September 28
5:00-7:00 p.m. CC 1001-1002

Join us at a combined welcome reception and new faculty panel. Feminist Scholars/Feminist Scholarship will showcase innovative research and fascinating UMass feminist faculty, Erica Scharrer from Communictions, Alice Nash from History and Kanthie Athukorala from Womens Studies. Eat, drink and learn all at the same time!! All are welcome.

Farewell to Leila Ahmed who has worked in Womens Studies practically since our program began. She has accepted a new faculty position in Womens Studies at the Harvard Divinity School. Leila is an internationally known scholar (on women and Islam and women in the Middle East). She taught in Womens Studies and served in many capacities including director of this program. We thank her for her years of teaching, research and service, and acknowledge the deep impact she had on our program and on many of us. Well miss you, and we wish you the best.


We are searching for an Assistant Professor Position in Womens Studies for the 2001-02 academic year. We are seeking a mid-career scholar with teaching service, advanced standing and strong research which focuses on gender and race within the context of globalization. Contact the office for a copy of the official ad, deadline is November 1. Spread the word!


We bid farewell to Lisa Robinson, devoted teacher, student and activist. We wish you the best in your new life in Atlanta, Georgia. Farewell and best wishes to Jana Evans Braziel. We are happy to re-welcome Kathleen Zane and Sima Fahid, returning faculty for the 2000-2001 year.

Goodbye to our departing Teaching Assistants, Brenda Bethman and Shu Chen Huang. Thanks for your good work. We look forward to continuing to work with Jan Dahms, Tanya Kachwaha, and Jeannine Marks.

Welcome to new teaching assistants Stephanie Evans and Lisa Dawn Thompson. Welcome also to Michelle Paranto who will be teaching the junior year writing course. Michelle is a student in Language, Literacy and Culture in Education.


We are pleased to welcome Kanthie Athukorala as a lecturer in Womens Studies for the year 2000-2001. Kanthie has a background in women and economic development and International Education. She has taught on Global Feminisms and worked on campus in many capacities as a teacher, staff person, and she has studied women in Namibia. We look forward to working with her, she brings great energy and experience to her role here. See the addenda on the next page for course descriptions.

Welcome to new graduate certificate students: Stephanie Evans (Afro American Studies), Keith Forrest (Political Science), Kaila Gabrielle Kuban (MA/Ph.D. Anthropology), Sara Lewis (English), Anne Lundberg (Education), Anita Mannur (Comparative Literature), Priscilla Page (Dramaturgy), Lisa Dawn Thompson (Social Justice Education), and Beverly Weber (Comparative Literature).

Welcome to new majors: Sara Currier, Erica Gagne, Ashley Hodges, Sarah Huntington, Nicole Larace, Alexis Martin, Caryl McCabe, Megan Shackelford, Liz Thompson, Erin Wilder, Tuck Young. Welcome to new minors: Meghann Boyle, Kathleen Chanen, Chanel Dubofsky, Shachar Gillat, Jobi Goldberg, Erin Greeley, John Kazlawkas, and Erika Lawson. As always, we have an exciting, multi talented group of incoming students!

Congratulations and Best Wishes to our graduates who were feted at a lovely breakfast with t-shirts, musical bread and roses and literal bread and roses, and great speeches by many participants including departing teachers and graduate certificate recipients Jana Evans Braziel and Lisa Robinson.

Graduating Majors include: Lunden Abelson, Jaime Bloniasz, Allison Bonney, Amy Buswell, Emily Callahan, Holly Charest, Bonnie Conefrey, Ellen Donoghue, Nicole Larace, Natalia Lopez, Claudine Mallory, Jessica McClelland, Lisa Merkel, Bushra Mohammad, Patricia Piesieur, Angela Quitadamo, Vanessa Serotta, Meher Singh, Elizabeth Speakman, Jessica Thrall, and Olivia Winchenbach.

Graduating minors include: Danielle Bonnici, Emily Corey, Catherine Damon, Laura Donahue, Kristine Fortini, Rachel Frederickson, Nazia Haque, Leanne Hayes, Christine M. Hayes, K. Kaolin, Lauri Kolakoski , Erika Martineau, Curran McLane, Angela Kaye McMaster, Laurie OConnor, Bok J. Oh, Brooke Leigh Palmer, Therése Roberts, Carla Samson, Christine Savas, Heather M. Senecal, Magdalene Skretta, Bridget Smith, and Marcia Ward.

Congratulations to the students who were awarded the Graduate Certificate in Advanced Feminist Studies: Kristina Bourne, Jana Evans Braziel, Melissa Click, Emily Hardt, and Lisa Robinson.

Women's Studies will be hosting a graduate student from the University of Oveido, Spain from September 8 - October 9. Her name is Marta Morales and she will be on campus as a visiting scholar doing research on gender violence and North American theater. Her department is English but her focus is gender/womens studies. Welcome to Marta!

Just about one year ago, a small but intrepid group of Friends of Womens Studies journeyed in the rain to a special performance of Tina Packers An Afternoon with Virginia Woolf in the Wharton Theatre at the Mount, Edith Whartons former home in Lenox Mass. Special thanks to one of our best friends Christina Platt, the co-chair of the WOST friends group, for organizing and publicizing the event and her generous donation to cover the ticket costs, which allowed the event to be a success. The trip included the performance, a box supper and a spirited discussion afterwards. Our apologies for such a belated recognition of Christinas contributions. Funds raised went to Friends of Womens Studies.

If you are interested in donating to the Friends, find out about the variety of premiums on our website, or contact the office.

As always, we are heartened spiritually and assisted materially by our many donors. Donations are used for our events and special touches. Thanks to:

Barbara Bazemore
Judith V. Branzburg
Leslie Breault
Susan Cayleff
Francis Cincotti
Tina Cincotti
Daniel and Karen Corveleyn
Diane Lynch Curley
James E. Cusimano
Kathryn Daniels
Rebecca Dobkins
Norma S. Friedman
Alicia Georgantas
Phil and Lisa Goldfarb
Mary E. Hawkesworth
Cynthia Holmes
Jackson T. Katz
Sue Lee
Sally Jean Majewski
Andrea M. Montalbano
Pancho and Karen Morris
Elaine S. Morse
Barbara Premack
Rachel Rubin
Karen J. Shack
Patricia Murphy-Sheehy
Barbara Singer
Catherine L. Sotir
K. Marilyn Stampa
Rachel Tanenhaus

Our listservs are growing! We have added another listserv to our list of options. This one is for events only and is for everyone. To subscribe send an e-mail to: To post an event to this listserv send an e-mail to: or go to the website and click on listserv info. This will bring you to a page which will explain each of our listservs and enable you to post to each of them. While youre at the website check out the commencement pictures and the soon to be added graduate events pictures!