Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies currently has five listservs. Please choose the list(s) that would be appropriate for you.

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  1. We do not add anyone without their permission.

  2. The listservs for undergrads, graduate students, faculty, staff, alums and friends are all closed lists which means you may only post if you're on the list. If you are not on the list your post will be rejected. If you have something for one of the closed lists, send it to the moderator and they will forward if it's appropriate.

  3. There is no way for us to know that your e-mail has changed. Please send an e-mail the list administrator (above) and we'll change it, click on the bottom of any message from the list to change it yourself or click on the link above. Do not a send a message to the list.

  4. We discourage attachments to any list. Please cut and paste the information in the message along with the attachment. You will run the risk of your message being deleted if you only attach a document and the system will reject large attachments. Please consider the size of the attachment and send only text if possible.

  5. When replying, please make sure you are replying to the person who posted. If you intend to post your reply to the whole list it is possible to "reply all" with most mail programs.

  6. We are required by the University to encourage civil discourse among members of the lists. The list administrators have the right to remove anyone who does not cooperate.


Events should be posted only to the events list. Do not post to the events list and one of the others. This creates double postings since most everyone is added to the events list along with one of the other lists.

The events list is open and moderated, so if you are not on the list you may post appropriate events. If you are on the list it will automatically post.

The listserv program will bounce your message back if you add many other recipents as well as the events address, so please send your event separately to the list.


Each of our lists is a very long list of e-mail addresses entered in alphabetical order. Each list is given an address much like our own UMass e-mail addresses. When you send a message to the list, the UMass server sends the message to all recipients on that list. It's not much different than just sending an e-mail to an individual.

Listservs are managed with a program called Mailman. Mailman will accept bounce backs for full mailboxes and other issues for about one week and then it will delete your e-mail address from the list. It is possible to remove your name for periods of time that you're gone. In this case e-mail the administrator and we will make arrangements.

There is a digest option for all lists. The digest option sends your messages from the list once per day in one e-mail. E-mail the list administrator if you'd like to use the digest option.

Updated 2/3/16

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