Feminist Philosophy Conference
Celebrating the Career and Legacy of Ann Ferguson
Professor of Philosophy and Women's Studies
University of Massachusetts Amherst
May 11-12, 2007

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Ann Ferguson, one of the mothers of feminist philosophy, stands as a shining example of the engaged academic, the public intellectual. Her research, while engaging heady theoretical issues about materiality, sexuality, and political life, has always been firmly rooted in her deep and active commitment to the establishment of justice. Through her teaching, public service, and activism, she has inspired countless others to link thinking to acting, and acting to thinking.

The University of Massachusetts, Amherst, has been the home base of Ann's inspiring work for over four decades. This conference has been organized by faculty and staff in the Departments of Philosophy and Women's Studies in order to recognize Ann's extraordinary career, but also to honor her lifework by carrying it forward. To this end, we have put together a program showcasing recent work by feminist philosophers affiliated with U Mass, with criticism and commentary provided by leading feminist theorists from around the country. Some participants are Ann's colleagues, some were Ann's students, all are Ann's friends.

Keynote Speaker
Uma Narayan
Philosophy, Vassar

Speakers and Commentators:
Louise Antony, Philosophy, UMass Amherst
Sandra Bartky, Philosophy, Emerita University of Illinois/Chicago
Neta Crawford, International Relations and African American Studies, Boston University
Ann Ferguson, Philosophy and Women's Studies, UMass Amherst
Carol Gould, Philosophy and Political Science, Temple University
Lori Gruen, Philosophy and Feminist, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Wesleyan University
Sally Haslanger, Philosophy and Women and Gender Studies, MIT
Virginia Held, Philosophy, CUNY Graduate Center and Emerita, Hunter College
Alison Jaggar, Philosophy and Women’s Studies, University of Colorado Boulder
Eva Feder Kittay, Philosophy, SUNY/Stonybrook
Kimberly Leighton, Philosophy, Tufts University
Mecke Nagel, Philosophy, SUNY/Cortland
Eileen O’Neill, Philosophy, UMass Amherst
E.V. Spelman, Philosophy, Smith College
Lisa Tessman, Philosophy, Binghamton University

Louise Antony (Philosophy, UMass Amherst)
"Are Democratic Values Epistemic Values?"
PDf of Powerpoint | PDF of paper

Mecke Nagel (Philosophy, SUNY Cortland)
"Prisons as Diasporic Sites: Liberatory Voices from the Diaspora of Confinement" PDF of paper

Ann Ferguson (Philosophy and Women's Studies, UMass Amherst)
"Iris Young, Global Responsibility and Solidarity" PDF of paper

Uma Narayan (Philosophy, Vassar College)
"Confronting Global Capitalism - Problems and Prospects for Feminist Politics" PDF of paper

Lisa Tessman (Philosophy, Binghamton University)
"Morality on the Open Seas: Seeking a Naturalized Ethics that Authorizes Feminist Critique." PDF of paper

Eileen O'Neill (Philosophy, UMass Amherst)
"Early Modern Women and the Emergence of Feminist Philosophy" PDF of paper

Kimberly Leighton (Philosophy, Tufts University)
"Rethinking Freedom and the Problem of Manipulation: A Feminist Foucauldian Analysis of Autonomy"

Sponsors: Department of Philosophy, Women's Studies Program, Interdisciplinary Seminar in Humanities and Fine Arts (ISHA), College of Humanities and Fine Arts, Vice-Provost for Research, and Organization (Organization Studies Journal)