Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies Degree Concentration Examples

The WGSS major at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst is a 36-credit individually designed program. Students have the option to focus their academic work around a theme. Majors work with a faculty sponsor they select (with assistance from the undergradate advisor).

The following is a list of some of the majors students have designed since the program in 1974. Many of these topics were elected by more than one student. Students are free to develop new concentrations around their particular interests.

Women and Health
Eating Disorders
Women and Psychology
Women's Health, Nutrition, Diet and Physical Fitness
Psychology, Dance and Women
Women in the Health Care System
Women's Health Education
Women's Reproductive Freedom
Women's Studies: Sexuality Education and Counseling
Women's Sexuality
Health and Healing
Domestic Violence
Women in the Criminal Justice System
Women's Health Care through a Cross-Cultural Perspective
Women's Health Issues and Sexuality
Sexuality Studies

Cross Cultural Feminism
Radical History: The Impact of Race, Sex and Class in American History
Women's Studies and Racism
Women's Studies and Anti-Racist Work
The Construction of White Privilege
Race/Class/Gender/Culture in Society
Race Relations within & outside Feminist Discourse
Latin American Women
Race Relations between Women
The Intersection of race, class, gender and sexual orientation
Race Relations Between Women

Latin American, Native American, African Americam Feminisms

Social Theory and Women's Studies
Feminism and Philosophy
Women's Studies and Political Science
Women in Cross-Cultural Gender Roles
Social Construction of Gender and Sexuality
Women and Labor Relations
Women and Anthropology
Women and Political Economy
Queer Theory

Women and the Law
Law and Third World Women

Women and Religion
Women's Spirituality and Performances in Social Change Activism

Women, Peace and Militarism
Women and Politics: A Study of Women and Power
Transcending Victimization: Envisioning Women's Empowerment
Women and Labor Organizing
Sex, Race and Class: Methods for Teaching Education
Women in Poverty: A Historical Perspective
Effects of Poverty on Young Women
Women and Environmental Health
Women and Social Justice
Female Empowerment
Women in U.S. Politics

Women and Arts Management
Women and Art
Women in the Arts
Women in the Arts and Business
Combining Photography and Writing to Document Burdens of Women

Women and the Media
Women in Fashion and the Media
Women's Self Expression in Political Context

Literature, Writing and Psychology
Creative Writing as Resistance to Male Sexual Violence
Feminist Therapy and Counseling
Feminist Writing and Criticism
Women and Journalism
Activism through writing oral narratives and histories

Women's Literature
Women' Studies and Romance Languages
Women and Classics
Feminist Literary Theory
Women's Roles in Culture/Mythology/Folklore
Women and Language