WS 101 Introduction to Women's Studies
Tuesday, Thursday 2:40-3:55 p.m.

This course offers an overview of women's position in society and culture by examining women's lives from a variety of experiential and theoretical perspectives. The first section examines works by women that illuminate both the share and the diverse social, psychological, political, and economic realities of their experience; the second section introduces analyses of sexism and oppression, with a focus on different frameworks for making and evaluating feminist arguments. The course concludes with visionary feminist views of women recreating their lives.

WS 200/
African Women's Work 1880-1980
Monday, Wednesday 2:40-3:55 p.m.

(Writing-enriched course) Transformations in gendered divisions of labor and in women's access to resources are fundamental to understanding contemporary African societies. We explore how African women have created contexts for productivity using strategies such as marriage, pledged female friendship, and voluntary dependency. We investigate the loss of women's work of governing in the colonial period, and the consequences for women's wealth and productivity of incorporation into a global market economy. Texts include recorded life histories, autobiography, fiction, and film, and primary sources such as the testimony of participants in the Ibo Women's War of 1929. Fulfills the Women of Color requirement for UMass Women's Studies majors and minors.

WS 208 Feminist Theory
Tuesday, Thursday 11:00-12:15 p.m.

An introduction to key concepts and texts in contemporary feminist theory. Focusing on the intersection of gender with race and sexuality, we will discuss such topics as: woman as "other," black, feminist theory, queer theory, the "male gaze," gender as masquerade, and theorizations of the body. Authors may include Anzaldua, Butler, deBeauvoir, hooks, Lorde, Mulvey, Rich, Sedgwick, and Spivak.

WS 333(01) Feminist and Queer Theory
Tuesday 1:00-3:5 p.m.

Questions of power, agency, structure, materiality, bodies, subjectivities and discursive practices have been central to both feminist and queer theories. We will focus on these issues exploring the tensions between poststructuralist, Marxist, and materialist approaches. In analyzing contemporary theories of gender and sexuality, we will pay particular attention to issues of race, class, ethnicity, nationality, and globalization. Key problematics include the nature and operation of power, the relationship between materiality and discourse and between theory and practice.

WS 333(02)/
HIST 351
Gender, Language and Power
Wednesday 1:00-3:50 p.m.
H. Garrett-Goodyear

(Speaking & Writing-enriched course) This course explores how some women expressed, in writing and by other actions, their understanding of the social, ideological, and political struggles in which they were engaged between the early 14th and late 17th centuries. It asks what roles they played in the construction of public discourse and the state, the reshaping of the family, the reconstruction of Christianity, and the change from medieval feudal estates to early modern agrarian capitalism. Readings will include the works of such writers as Christine de Pisan, the Paston women, Anne Askew, Lady Mary Wroth, Elizabeth Carey, Lady Eleanor Davis, as well as records of Elizabethan coronation pageants and public ceremonies.

WS 333(03)/
HIST 381 (02)
American Women's History: Women, Politics and Activism in the United States
Wednesday 1:00-3:50 p.m.

This seminar examines the changing relationship between women and politics in the United States. Focusing on women's activism in and out of formal political arenas, we will consider the conceptual and interpretive problems raised by the inclusion of women in American political history. Students will be expected to write a substantial essay based on original research.

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