Feminist Perspective in History, Literature and the Social and Natural Sciences

Anthro 697A ST: Reproductive Ecology
Thursday 2:30-5:30pm
L. Leidy-Sievert

Comm 593C Film/Video and Gender
Monday 6-9pm
A. Ciecko

Comm 797E ST: Critical Pedagogy
by arrangement-contact professor
L. Cooks

Educ 697A ST: Women in Higher Ed.
Tuesday 7-9:30pm
M. Roe

English 891A Writing the Civil Rights Movement
Monday 1:00 pm
M. Culley

Geo 792G Subjectivity/Economy
Wednesday 2:30-5:15
J. Graham

History 791B U.S. Women's & Gender History
Wednesday 7-10pm
J. Berkman

Nurse 691D S: Afro-Am Women with Breast Cancer
Contact professor
J. Swinney

Psych 891C Psych of Family
Tuesday 9-11:30am
M. Perry-Jenkins

Soc 722 The Family
Thursday 4-7pm
S. Gupta

Soc 725 Political Sociology
Thursday 7-10pm
J. Misra

Soc 791G Sexuality & Social Theory
Thursday 2:30-5:00pm
J. Irvine

Soc 797G Theory of Globalization
Wednesday 6-8:30pm
A. Lao-Montes

Intercultural Perspective

Anthro/English 891I The Politics of Cultural Production: Pop Culture, Nation & Globalization
Tuesday 1:00pm
S. Maira

Wost 691B Issues in Feminist Research
Wednesday 11:15-2:15
A. Ferguson