Feminist Theory

WOST 791B/ PHIL 791B Feminist Theory
Thursday 4:00-6:30
A. Ferguson

Feminist Perspective on History, Literature and the Social and Natural Sciences

COMM 794L Class Cultures
Tuesday 4:00-7:00
L. Henderson

COMM 891Q Media Effects
Wednesday 3:35-6:30
E. Scharrer

EDUC 752 Gender Issues in Inter. Development
Wednesday 4:00-6:30
S. Kamat

ENG 891F Race and Slavery
Monday 6:00-8:30
M. Lowance

GERMAN 697G/ HIST 697G/ WOST 697G Gender & Socialism
lec. Thursday 6:00-8:30 lab. Tuesday 6:00-8:00
U. Schmidt

HIST 697B Topics in U. S. Women's History
Wednesday 7:00-10:00
J. Berkman

POLSCI 793A Nationalism
Thursday 3:00-5:30
S. Roy

SOCIOL 723 Raced Soc Imagination
Monday 6:00-8:30 Permission of instructor
A. Lao

WOST 591P Bodies, Gender and Performance
Tuesday, Thursday 9:30-10:45
N. Pravaz

Intercultural Perspective

ENG 891J Cultures of Globalization
Tuesday 1:00-3:30