Required Core Feminist Theory

WOST 791A International Feminist Theory: Human Rights Issues and Analysis Jan Raymond

Required Student Research Seminar

WOST 691B Student Research Seminar and Lecture Series Ann Ferguson

Feminist Approaches to History, Literature or Social Science

AFROAM 691C Antebellum Black Literature Esther Terry

ANTHRO 697 American Popular Culture Helan Page

ARTHIST 568 Contemporary Art Ann Mochon

COMPLIT 592 Medieval Women Writers Elizabeth Petroff

ECON 567/797A Latin American Economic Development Carmen Diana Deere

EDUC 591L Seminar: Women and Oppression Barbara Love

EDUC 697A SPTOPIC-Women in Higher Education Peg Jablonski

EDUC 752 Gender Issues in International Education TBA

ENGLISH 891H Queer Theory Deborah Carlin

ENGLISH 891K Internal Rhetorics/Women’s Diaries Lynn Nienkamp

ENGLISH 891L Contemporary Issues in Feminist Theory Jenny Spencer

HISTORY 592A History of the Women’s Movement in the US: 1965-present Joyce Berkman

HISTORY 797 BUS Women’s History Research Kathy Peiss Seminar (4 credit) - permission of instructor required

SOC 597A Race and Gender Susan Thistle

SOC 792A Gender and Society: Intercultural Perspectives Naomi Gerstel

ANTHRO 597A Abortion, Motherhood, and Society John Cole

ENGLISH 891G Ethnic Autobiography Margo Culley

JAPAN 560H Seminar: Women in Japanese Literature & Film Doris Bargen (open to regular & honors students)

SPANISH 756 Early Spanish-American Women Writers (in Spanish) Nina Scott