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Carol Bailey -- women writers of African and the African Diaspora
Michele Barale --gender and lesbian studies
Amrita Basu -- women in India; women and social change
Wendy Bergoffen -- gender studies
Kristin Bumiller -- feminist theory and political science; domestic violence
Frederick Griffiths -- women in classic texts
Aneeka Henderson -- African American women’s literature
Biddy Martin -- german and Sexuality

Manuela Picq -- gender and the environment; political economy of gender in Latin America
Khary Polk -- black studies; gender in the U.S. military
Sahar Sadjadi -- science and technology, gender and sexuality and childhood studies
Martha Saxton -- feminist theory; women in history and politics
Krupa Shandilya -- postcolonial literature and theory, feminist theory, South Asian literature and cinema

Margaret Cerullo -- feminist theory; queer theory; sociology of culture; social movements
Stephen Dillon -- queer studies, race and white supremacy, critical prison studies, transgender studies, American studies, critical theory, and feminist studies
Marlene Gerber Fried -- abortion rights and access; reproductive and sexual rights and health; legal theory
Elizabeth Hartmann -- international women's health movement; intersections between population, migration, environment and security issues
Jill Lewis -- gender and sexual identities; politics of gender
Falguni Sheth -- philosophy of race and political philosophy
Ellie Siegel -- feminist studies

Martha Ackmann -- U.S. women writers; feminist biography; U.S. women's movements
Ana Croegaert -- feminist theory
Amber Douglas -- Psychology of trauma, cross-cultural psychology, ethnic minority psychology, stress, and coping
Eleanor Townsley -- sociology of gender; family sociology; sociology of intellectuals; history of sociology; classes and elites in comparative perspectives
Mary Renda -- 20th-century U.S. women's history; gender and imperialism
Robin Blaetz -- women and film
Elizabeth Young -- women writers, feminist theory, gender, race and sexuality in American culture
Christian Gundermann -- queer theory
Chaia Heller -- science and technology studies; feminist anthropology; food and agriculture in a global context; anthropology of social movements; women’s roles in transnational indigenous and peasant movements
Jacquelyne Luce -- feminist health politics
Michael Penn -- gender studies; queer culture and politics in regional and global contexts
Karen Remmler -- gender, memory and space; contemporary German and Austrian women writers
Erika Rundle -- performance art
Eleanor Townsley -- sociology of gender
Jami Weinstein -- feminist, gender and queer theory
Angela Willey -- feminist science studies; history of race, gender, and sexuality in science; cultural studies; sexuality; monogamy

Martha Ackelsberg -- gender, race, and class in urban politics and activism; women's political participation; feminist theory; women in Spanish anarchist movements
Kelly Anderson --
Elizabeth Armstrong -- women's activism; transnational feminism; NGOs
Carrie Baker -- gender and law; sexual harassment; sex trafficking
Darcy Buerkle -- modern European women's and gender history with an emphasis on German and German Jewish women's intellectual and cultural history
Ginetta Candelario -- race, feminsim and transnationalism
Paula Giddings -- race and feminism
Marguerite Itamar Harrison -- gender, class and race marginality in Brazilian culture
Ambreen Hai -- postcolonial women writers and film-makers from South Asia
Michelle Joffroy -- gender and representation in North Mexican border narratives; post-68 women's writing in Mexico
Alexandra Keller --
Kimberly Kono -- constructions of gender in Modern Japanese women's writing; feminine literary tradition of pre-modern Japan
Gary Lehring -- politics, gender and sexuality; gay and lesbian politics; queer theory
Naomi Miller -- gender studies
Cornelia Pearsall -- victorian sexualities
Kevin Everod Quashie --gender and black culture
Donna Riley -- gender, race and class as it intersects with science and engineering
Daniel Rivers-- LGBT history, Queer Studies, the history of radical social movements in the U.S., women’s history, feminist theory, and histories of sexuality
Nancy Saporta Sternbach -- Latina and Latin-American women writers
Marilyn Schuster -- contemporary women's fiction in French and English; feminist theory; women and sexuality, queer theory
Christine Shelton -- women and social change; women in physical education
Elizabeth V. Spelman -- feminist theory
Susan Van Dyne -- American women poets; feminist theory; 19th-century American women writers
Anna Ward -- queer and LGBT studies, visual and popular culture, embodiment, and disability studies

Arlene Avakian (emerita) -- culture and feminism; ethnic women
Kiran Asher -- gendered and raced dimensions of social and environmental change in the global south,  postcolonial feminist marxist critiques of development, political economy of environmental conservation
Abbie Boggs -- transnational feminist cultural studies, critical university studies, queer theory, critical ethnic studies, history of neoliberal economics
Laura Briggs -- studies of U.S. empire; US women's history; politics of reproduction; gender and science; US and Latin America
Alexandrina Deschamps -- Third World and global women's issues, development alternatives - theory and practice, feminist pedagogies, Black Feminist theory
Ann Ferguson(emerita) -- ethics; feminist theory, race, gender and class, Foucault, sexuality
Miliann Kang -- Asian American women's work; gender and immigration; feminist research methods; race, gender and class intersections
Karen Lederer -- career and life choices for women
Kirsten Leng -- history of gender and sexuality; history of sexual science; history of feminism; Modern European history; feminist theory; sexuality studies
Svati Shah -- political economy of migration, sex work, development, and urbanization in South Asia and South Asian diaspora
Mecca Sullivan -- African diaspora literatures and culture; gender and sexuality; 20th and 21st century American literature; creative writing (fiction, playwriting, and poetry)
Banu Subramaniam -- race, gender and science
Angela Willey -- feminist science studies; history of race, gender, and sexuality in science; cultural studies; sexuality; monogamy