Amherst College

Anthropology and Sociology

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Mount Holyoke College


Smith College




Jan Dizard -- the social construction of human fertility
Jerome Himmelstein -- American social structure
Ron Lembo -- gender and mass culture
Deborah B. Gewertz -- the universalizing of commodity lust; the linkage of sex, power and disease
Allen Guttmann -- The study of "classical American literature" and the ways it affirms or challenges conceptions of gender; memoirs of American female authors; sexual aspects of sport

Margaret Cerullo -- feminist theory; queer theory; social and political theory
Kimberly Chang -- gender and globalization; migrant women; domestic work; women in China
Berna Turam -- ethnic and gender policies in Turkey, Kazakhstan and North America

Eleanor Townsley -- sociology of gender; family sociology; sociology of intellectuals; history of sociology; classe and elites in comparative perspective
Matthew McKeever -- trends in the economic well being of divorced women

Ginetta Candelario -- women of color
Myron Peretz Glazer -- gender, community, and the individual
Nancy Whittier -- gender; women and social movements; gay and lesbian movements
Leslie King -- effects of ideologies of nationalism, gender, race/ethnicity and class; gender and society
Patricia Miller -- delinquency, sex roles, adolescence, victimization and sexual behavior
Marc W. Steinberg -- class conflict and gender processes in mid-Victorian England
Jonathan Wynn -- sociology of gender

Dan Clawson -- New Left and New Right; women and unions; women and politics
Naomi Gerstel -- sociology of the family; sociology of work and family; sociology of gender
Janice Irvine -- history and sociology of sexuality; lesbian and gay studies; sociology of gender; the New Right
Jennifer Lundquist -- gender and family with special attention to intersections with race
Joya Misra -- feminist theory; sociology of gender; racism and sexism aross cultures; gender and the state; femily welfare policy; women and minorities in academia
Douglass L. Anderton -- medication use and gender in Western MA; sexual competition; birth spacing and fertility limitation; fertility on the American frontier
Enobong Hannah Branch -- inequalities among race, gender and class; heterogeneity of the black experience created by the intersection of gender, nationality, citizenship and economic class; black women in the working poor
Michelle Budig -- gender inequality in labor market; work and family conflict; self employment and gender, family and occupational class; feminism and family; gender composition of jobs
Sanjiv Gupta -- the relationship between married women's earnings and housework; gender and society; marriage and family; women's earnings and the risk of divorce
C. N. Le -- interracial marriage; immigration and family
Amy Schalet -- sexuality, culture and the welfare state; adolescent sexuality; sexual health
Don Tomaskovic-Devey -- sex, race and class processes
Millicent Thayer -- globalization and gender