Amherst College

Rainbow Room (LGBTQIA Resource Center)

Women's and Gender Studies

Hampshire College

Queer Community Alliance Center

Queer Studies

Mount Holyoke College

Jeannette Marks House

Gender Studies

Smith College

Resource Center for Sexuality and Gender

Study of Women and Gender


Stonewall Center

Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies


Michele Barale --gender and lesbian studies
Margaret Hunt -- women and social change; gay and lesbian history; early modern Europe


Margaret Cerullo -- feminist theory; queer theory; sociology of culture; social movements
Stephen Dillon -- queer studies, race and white supremacy, critical prison studies, transgender studies, American studies, critical theory, and feminist studies
Jill Lewis -- gender and sexual identities; politics of gender
Jutta Sperling -- queer lactation imagery


Christian Gundermann -- queer theory
Michael Penn -- gender studies; queer culture and politics in regional and global contexts
Jami Weinstein -- feminist, gender and queer theory

Kelly Anderson - queery theory
Elizabeth Armstrong -- women's activism; transnational feminism; NGOs
Carrie Baker -- gender and law; sexual harassment; sex trafficking
Darcy Buerkle -- modern European women's and gender history with an emphasis on German and German Jewish women's intellectual and cultural history
Gary Lehring -- politics, gender and sexuality; gay and lesbian politics; queer theory
Cornelia Pearsall -- victorian sexualities
Daniel Rivers-- LGBT history, Queer Studies, the history of radical social movements in the U.S., women’s history, feminist theory, and histories of sexuality
Marilyn Schuster -- contemporary women's fiction in French and English; feminist theory; women and sexuality, queer theory
Anna Ward -- queer and LGBT studies, visual and popular culture, embodiment, and disability studies

M.V. Lee Badgett -- economics of race and gender; sexual orientation discrimination in labor markets
John Bickford -- sexual identity and development, definition and measurement of secual orientation
Abbie Boggs -- transnational feminist cultural studies, critical university studies, queer theory, critical ethnic studies, history of neoliberal economics
Barbara Cruikshank -- politics of sex and sexuality
Janice Irvine -- history and sociology of sexuality; lesbian and gay studies; sociology of gender; the New Right
Kirsten Leng -- history of gender and sexuality; history of sexual science; history of feminism; Modern European history; feminist theory; sexuality studies
Stephen Miller -- classical Japanese poetry and prose, medieval waka, Japanese Buddhism, translation, and gay/queer studies
Svati Shah -- political economy of migration, sex work, development, and urbanization in South Asia and South Asian diaspora
Mecca Sullivan -- African diaspora literatures and culture; gender and sexuality; 20th and 21st century American literature; creative writing (fiction, playwriting, and poetry)
Angela Willey -- feminist science studies; history of race, gender, and sexuality in science; cultural studies; sexuality; monogamy