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Law, Jurisprudence and Social Thought

Political Science

Hampshire College

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Mount Holyoke College

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Smith College



Legal Studies

Political Science

Amrita Basu -- feminist theory and political science; domestic violence
Kristin Bumiller -- women in India; women and social change
Austin Sarat -- authority and sexuality

Carollee Bengelsdorf -- comparative socialist development; cross-cultural feminist studies; Cuban women; history and politics of Central America
Kay Johnson -- cross-cultural study of women and the family with specialization in China

Joan Cocks -- contemporary social and political theory; feminist theory
Penny Gill -- impact of protective legislation on women in the EU
Elizabeth K. Markovits - ancient political thought, Plato, ancient tragedy, contemporary feminist theory, politics & economy of motherhood

Martha Ackelsberg -- gender, race, and class in urban politics and activism; women's political participation; feminist theory; women in Spanish anarchist movements
Velma Garcia -- women in Mexican politics; Latinos/Latinas in U.S. politics
Alice Hearst -- feminist jurisprudence; family law
Gary Lehring -- politics and queer theory, gay activism
Donna Robinson Divine -- women in the Middle East

Sonia Alvarez -- women's movements in transition politics; feminist studies
Maryann Barasko -- women and politics
John Brigham -- civil rights; courts; "fundamental law"
Brenda Bushouse -- family policy; welfare issues
Charli Carpenter -- gender and political violence
Barbara Cruikshank -- feminist theory and politics
Carlene Edie -- government and politics of East Africa and the Carribean
Jane Fountain -- gender, race and ethnicity in the context of social and political inequalities
Dean Robinson -- Afro-American political thought and American political thought
Leah Wing
-- intersections between oppression, diversity and conflit resolution
Diana Yoon-- human rights, political activism and right's discourse around questions of race and gender