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L. Kim Brandt -- women and gender in modern Japanese and Korean history
Fredric Cheyette -- the age of Eleanor of Aquitaine
Sean Redding -- African history; women in South Africa
Martha Saxton -- women's history 1607-1997; women in politics in the 20th century

Amy Jordan -- African-American history; African-American women's history; social movement history, and social welfare history/theory
Lili M. Kim -- Modern U.S. history; Asian American women; feminist history; women of color and labor issues
Jutta Sperling -- social and cultural history of early modern Europe, with a special emphasis on women and gender
Susan Tracy -- American studies; U.S. women's history; African-American history and labor history

Jonathan Lipman -- Asian women's history, especially China; historians' perception of women; how women's history is written in its own time
Mary Renda -- 20th-century U.S. women's history; gender and imperialism
Robert M. Schwartz -- history of women and the family in Europe, 1600-1900; feminist thought in the 17th and 18th centuries
Carole Straw -- ancient and medieval women; women in the church

Marnie Anderson -- East Asian women's history and gender history, especially Japan
Ernest Benz -- European women's history
Darcy Buerkle -- women in modern Europe
Jennifer Guglielmo -- U.S. women's history; labor, race, ethnicity, migration, radicalism
Helen Horowitz (emerita) -- 19th- and 20th-century U.S. women's history
Marylynn Salmon -- 18th-19th century U.S. women's history
Ann Zulawski -- gender and Latin American history

Richard T. Chu -- Asian/Pacific/American History; U.S. and Pacific Empires in the 19th and 20th centuries; Chinese Diasporic History; Philippine Colonial History
Joyce Berkman -- American and British women's history; U.S. women's history, theory; multicultural female experience
Joye Bowman -- women in African history
Jennifer Heuer -- Modern European women's and gender history
Laura Lovett -- US women's history; history of sexuality; race and culture in the US; modern US and envrionmental history
Marla Miller -- women's history;public history; early American history
Alice Nash -- Native American women and gender issues
Brian Ogilvie Women, Science, and Medicine; Women's education; Demographic and Family History
Larry Owens -- history of technology
Manisha Sinha -- U.S. history and pre-Civil War