Amherst College

Hampshire College

School for Humanities, Arts, and Cultural Studies

Mount Holyoke College

Department of Psychology and Education

Smith College

Education and Child Study


School of Education


Francine Deutsch -- social psychology of gender in everyday life; gender equity at home and in the labor market and its effects on women's well-being in a global economy
Sandra Lawrence -- sex equity in the classroom; gender differences in talk during small group work; social justice education
Becky Wai-Ling Packard -- women in science; mentoring and technology; career and identity development
Patricia Ramsey -- how children develop early attitudes about gender, race, and social class


Sue Freeman -- women's moral development; women and careers
Rosetta Cohen -- women as teachers, women's experience in education


Maurianne Adams -- oppression and social issues
Liane Brandon -- film for classroom use
Kathleen S. Davis -- gender issues in science and science education; teacher education
Sally Habana-Hafner -- gender and international education
Sangeeta Kamat -- globalization and education reform; Critical theory; Gender analysis; South Asia
Barbara Love -- racism and sexism
Jacqueline Mosselson - gender and international development
Masha Rudman -- children's literature and issues such as gender, divorce, siblings, abuse, sexuality
Ximena Zuniga -- social diversity in education; race and gener in small groups; women of color/ bi-racial/bi-cultural/white women intergroup dialogues

Hampshire College

Kristen Luschen -- adolescent female sexuality and schooling; gender, education, and popular culture;sociology of education