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Asian Languages and Literature

Asian & Asian American Studies Certificate

Amrita Basu -- Third World women's participation in political movements
Monica Ringer -- women in the middle east
Wako Tawa -- language and gender

Kimberly Chang -- social psychology; issues of gender
Susan Darlington -- women and family in southeast Asia
Kay Johnson -- cross-cultural study of women and the family with a specialization in China;women development and population policy
Lili Kim -- Asian American women's history; women of color and labor
Sujani Reddy -- transnational feminism; South Asian diaspora

Jonathan Lipman -- Asian women's history, especially China
Susanne Mozrik -- South Asian buddhist ethics, Buddhist perspectives on bodies, genders and human differences
Indira Viswanathan Peterson -- women and gender in South Asia
Ying Wang -- women in chinese literature

Marnie Anderson -- gender, citizenship and the nation in late nineteenth-century Japan, images of Japanese women
Suzanne Zhang Gottschang -- women, health, globalization, and socio-economic change in mainland China
Maki Hubbard -- women's language
Deidre Sabina Knight -- gender and fate in literature, chinese women's fiction
Kim Kono -- modern Japanese women's literature and colonial literature related to Japanese empire
Frederique Marglin -- anthropology; symbolic systems; India; Hinduism; women and rituals; eco-feminism
Thomas Rohlich -- Japanese women's literature

Doris Bargen -- women in Japanese literature, religion, art, and film
Paula Chakravartty --
Jane Degenhardt -- Asian American literature
Ranjana Devi -- Asian music and dance
Sangeeta Kamat -- gender analysis and South Asia
Miliann Kang -- Asian American women's work; gender and immigration; feminist research methods; race, gender and class intersections
Stephen Miller -- classical Japanese poetry and prose, medieval waka, Japanese Buddhism, translation, and gay/queer studies
Asha Nadkarni -- postcolonial literature and theory, transnational feminism, theories of develop, 19th and 20th century American literature, literatures/cultures of the South Asian disapora
Amanda Seaman -- Japanese women writers, gender and popular culture
Reiko Sono -- Women in Japanese Religion and the culture of gift giving:a female tradition in Japanese culture
Anne Ciecko -- Women filmakers in Asian Cinema and Asian women artists