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Black Studies

Hampshire College

School of Social Science

Mount Holyoke College

African American and African Studies

Smith College

African Studies

Afro-American Studies


W.E.B DuBois Department of Afro-American Studies

Rhonda Cobham-Sander -- childhood in African and Caribbean literature; gender in African literature
Miriam Goheen -- cultural studies
Sean Redding -- writing, poetry and prose
Andrea B. Rushing -- images of Black women in Caribbean, African and American literature

Susan Tracy -- American studies; U.S. women's history; African-American history and labor history

Lois Brown -- women's writing
Jane Crosthwaite -- women in American religious history
Zetta Elliott -- black feminist writers
John Grayson -- women who influenced Frederick Douglass
Holly Hanson -- African women's work; African popular culture; violence and social change in modern Africa; food and famine in African history
Lucas Wilson -- cultural studies

Adrianne Andrews -- life and work of Zora Neale Thurston
Riche J. Daniel Barnes -- race, class and gender dynamics in African American families
Paula Giddings -- social and political history of African-American women
Catherine Newbury -- women and politics in Africa; politics of peasants and women in Francophone Central Africa
Kevin Quashie -- African-American women's literature; black cultural theory; Harlem Renaissance

Joye Bowman -- women in African history
John Bracey -- Afro-American history and culture
Stephen Clingman -- African literature; Nadine Gordimer
Ralph Faulkingham -- Africa; women in Africa
A Yemisi Jimoh -- Twentieth-Century African American women's narrative and culture along with critical race studies
Dean Robinson -- Afro-American political thought and American political thought
Manisha Sinha -- U.S. history and pre-Civil War
James Smethurst -- African-American women's literature, gender studies