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Spring 2016 registration is still happening! Classes are filling up - check the Course Info button to see course offerings!

Congratulations to Banu Subramanian for being chosen for the Distinguished Faculty Lectures Series. Save the date! Tuesday, March 8, 2016 (International Women's Day!) in the Bernie Dallas Room, Goodell Building.

Check out Miliann Kang's article on Huffington Post!

Congratulations to Tanisha Ford on her newest book, Liberated Threads Black Women, Style, and the Global Politics of Soul.

We have a presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and now YouTube (all the little buttons are above). Our hope is to continue adding video, tweeting and posting as things happen.

It's now easier than ever to make a donation to Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies!

Humanities and Fine Arts students, check out the HFA scholarship page!

The flashing pictures are group photos from our end-of-year celebrations through the years. Enjoy!