Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Club

The Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Club is a non-profit, student-driven, scientific and educational service organization dedicated to serving students in the biochemistry and other life sciences majors with respect to academics, research and careers. Supported by our daily fundraisers throughout the school year, we are able to offer interesting and informative events each month, for example, networking opportunities with speakers from top life sciences companies, tours to these companies’ labs, workshops with Career Services, and student to student panels for peer mentoring.

Leadership and Teacher Development

The Leadership and Teacher Development project is a comprehensive teacher education reform in the Middle East’s West Bank and Gaza. The project aims to improve classroom instruction, policies within the Ministry of Education departments and enhance pre-service teacher education. The Center for International Education (CIE) was awarded a $1 million from AMIDEAST, with USAID West Bank & Gaza funding to help implement enhancement and assessment programs such as the Teacher Education Enhancement Program and Teacher Performance Assessment System.

Research Engaged Undergraduate (REU) program

This program provided UMass faculty mentors for 8 undergraduate students selected to participate in a 10-week summer program for rising seniors (those who are in the summer before their senior year). These students participated in an ongoing or new community-engaged research project in western Massachusetts, with preference for the Holyoke or Springfield communities. Students met as a group for seminars and training in community-engaged research, presented their research study proposal aims and hypotheses, and presented study results to students and faculty.

Classics Department

The Master of Arts in Teaching graduates go out to teach Latin in secondary schools all over the country and introduce the ancient western world to new generations of students. The program leads to a middle- and high-school (grades 5-12) teaching certificate in Latin and Classical Humanities valid in 30 states within the Interstate Certification Compact.

Diversity in Management Education Services

DiMES (Diversity in Management Education Services) was established in 1988 and aims to promote diversity within the Isenberg School community. The diversity program allows students to gain an edge by presenting a true image of today’s business profession and it works in collaboration with a variety of programs in Springfield as well as nationwide. Various resources are available to all students through DiMES. The Isenberg School works with the undergraduate office to offer academic advising and tutoring services to Isenberg School students.

Center for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

CEERE provides technological and economic solutions to environmental problems resulting from energy production, industrial, manufacturing, and commercial activities, and land use practices. This University based research program is built upon four sub groups with unique abilities to service energy and environmental problems. CEERE offers research, training and educational experiences for graduate and undergraduate engineers and scientists.