Clinical service

Academic Practice Partnership: Nursing Leaders & Baystate Health

The College of Nursing at UMass & Baystate Health have a partnership designed to address the goals of all partners. This partnership has many outcomes including multiple sustained evidence based educational, clinical practice, and organizational programs. Some examples are three successful dedicated education units (DEUs), new models for Nursing policy review, a systematic evaluation of the Shared Governance Structure, a program evaluation of the Nursing Falls Prevention program, and a new research based individualized Falls Risk Assessment tool.

Advanced Practicum in School Psychology

This Advanced Practicum in School Psychology is centered around engaging with school communities and is the work of the School Outreach Team at the UMass Psychological Services Center. School Psychology doctoral students have the opportunity to engage in both a didactic seminar and as consultants in schools to help schools/districts develop and implement systems of positive behavioral support and data-based decision-making. To date, students have worked in over 20 schools in Western MA in districts such as Amherst, Holyoke, Westfield, Mohawk Trail, Southern Berkshire, etc.

Explorations in Psychological Practice

Explorations in Psychological Practice is a service-learning capstone Honors Seminar and provides students opportunities to interact with participants in programs provided by schools or human service agencies; to understand personal reactions to experiences with people different from themselves; and to learn the benefits of civic engagement. The service learning component consists of a practicum placement in a school or human services agency from 6-8 hours a week.

Maternal Newborn Practicum

Students receive course credit for volunteering for a maternal newborn or women's health organization. In 2013, UMass Nursing students volunteered to staff the March of Dimes walk/run on Oct. 27th on campus.

Laboratory in Clinical Psychology: Hampshire County Jail and House of Corrections

Students provide direct services in two settings in this laboratory-based class. In the first, after training to become Certified Decisional Trainers, students meet for weekly sessions to conduct a manual Cognitive Behavior Therapy problem-solving treatment with a person currently incarcerated in the Hampshire County Jail and House of Corrections.

Using Economics to Improve Asthma Interventions

The rise in the burden of asthma is a well-documented international phenomenon. In a series of papers, Dr. Sylvia Brandt & colleagues explore factors impacting households’ adoption of asthma management guidelines and found that behavioral factors relate to consistently using preventative asthma medication. The longer-run goals of the project include developing asthma education and intervention programs that work with, rather than against, consumer preferences—and incorporating possible financial incentives as appropriate.

UMass Extension Plant Diagnostic Lab

The University of Massachusetts Amherst recognizes the importance of reliable and prompt diagnosis of plant problems for the turf, floriculture, vegetable, nursery, urban forestry and landscape industries. The UMass Extension Plant Diagnostic Lab provides diagnosis of plant problems for farmers, horticulturists, landscape contractors, turf managers, arborists, nurseries, and others in agriculture and the green industries.

Psychological Services Center

The Psychological Services Center (PSC) is a community mental health clinic operated by the Division of Clinical Psychology, in the Department of Psychology at the University of Massachusetts, an APA accredited program since 1957. The PSC engages in Evidenced Based Psychological Practice, the highest standard of care in the field of mental health. One of its primary goals is the provision of low cost mental health services to individuals who have no health insurance or are “underinsured” by their current providers.

Equine Reproductive Services

Equine Reproductive Services offers advanced assisted reproductive techniques to horse breeders seeking maximization of the reproductive potential of fertile horses or restoration of fertility for subfertile and infertile horses in New England. Its global objective is to have this program be known as a source of advanced and modern reproductive techniques by the New England horse industry.

Scholar in Residence

The UMass Amherst College of Nursing provides onsite services for Jewish Geriatric Services (JGS), Inc. The current scholar-in-residence is Dr. Cynthia Jacelon, Associate Professor, who provides advanced geriatric nursing [resident care] consultation, faculty expertise, enhanced scholarly productivity of JGS staff, facilitated UMass student research opportunities and experience in geriatric care; leadership for several JGS councils and research conferences, and general liaison activities between JGS and UMass Amherst.

Men of Color Health Awareness

MOCHA is an innovative health movement in Springfield, Massachusetts which seeks to reduce severe health disparities in the city by creating health-conscious norms and diffusing them through men of color’s personal and social networks.

Short Bouts of Exercise for Preschoolers

Most Massachusetts preschools divide outdoor playtime into two 30-minute blocks (morning and afternoon) of unstructured playtime. Some evidence suggests that a higher level of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity (PA) would be attained by exposing preschoolers to shorter bouts of structured PA throughout the day. This study, funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, examines the efficacy of short bouts of structured playtime, versus prolonged bouts of unstructured outdoor playtime, on increasing PA and reducing sedentary time in lower socioeconomic status students.

Health Education for Women at the Massachusetts Alcohol Correctional Center

Approximately 20 College of Nursing students have been teaching the female population at the Massachusetts Alcohol Correctional Facility over the past years. These women are frequently multiple substance abusers in need of specific health education directed to their unique needs as vulnerable women. Students conduct eight health education sessions per semester and have been able to enhance the health education and knowledge of these women. For more than 12 semesters, over 200 women have been able to attend at least 4 sessions conducted by graduating senior nursing students.

Scholar in Residence at Jewish Geriatric Services, Inc.

Cynthia Jacelon, associate professor in the College of Nursing will be on site at Jewish Geriatric Services, Inc., to provide advanced geriatric nursing consultation with respect to resident care; provide faculty expertise in the promotion of excellence; enhance scholarly productivity of JGS staff, including conducting and participating in research; facilitate undergraduate and graduate student research opportunities and experience in geriatric care at JGS; chair the JGS Research Council; coordinate the annual research conference at JGS; create opportunities for faculty and student research, r